Yarndango Projects 28 and 29

I’m still playing catch-up over here but wanted to put up a post as soon as I could!  The first project I have to show is one that I didn’t write up a pattern for.  It’s a little trophy that will be used in the future for a project that will be revealed later.




Project 29 is Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl, whom I made at the suggestion of one of my facebook page friends.   The free pattern is available in my Craftsy shop as a pdf download.



Checking in the other Yarndangoers reveals that Amiguruthi has been doing circles around me yet again – I believe she is on project 32 or 33 by now.  But this is my first time linking you to her adorable dachshund pattern.  I’d also like to point out that she plays fair to cat lovers by adding this Neko Kitty pattern – thanks for introducing me to this, Amiguruthi!  And speaking of playing, she’s made herself a D20 –  These type of dice are used to play role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons.  Amazing!




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3 thoughts on “Yarndango Projects 28 and 29

    • Thought she somehow suited you 🙂 And I was right! 😀

      Yes, you were! I actually enjoyed learning about her and seeing her creator’s web page as well as viewing some of her episodes!

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