Yarndango Project 45 – Ostrich!!!!

I’m really posting these out of order but since I want to publish this pattern now that it’s all tested, I’m going to present this one before some of the others that were completed before it.

My sister had a trip to Africa and got to see all kinds of wild life that we just don’t have around here.  And she didn’t have to go to a zoo to see them.  She came back with some fantastic photos and her ostrich ones really inspired me to create this little guy.  So he’s now available as a pattern right here for $3.50 USD through paypal.  To order, please use the button below and the email address to which you would like it delivered.  You will receive the pattern as a pdf file attached to an email from madcroscientist at gmail.  Please check all your spam folders for the email to be sure you received it.  This is not an automatic download and I will respond to notifications as soon as I can – usually within 24 hours.  Thank you for your interest and your patience.





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