Yarndango Project 37 – Ant Option and Dancing Peanut

One of the experiments I recently did at the Mad Crochet Lab was to modify my easy peanut pattern into a dancing peanut and an ant.  Here are some of the results that came from the experiment.


Peanut Experiment

If you’d like to make one of these, the free pattern options have been added to the bottom of the peanut pattern here.


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One thought on “Yarndango Project 37 – Ant Option and Dancing Peanut

  1. I really like your Mr. Peanut. You always do such a good job of capturing the image of the iconic characters. 🙂 Now, not that I’m a fan or making a recommendation, just making the observation that you could have also easily made a Mr. Hankey from South Park. 😛

    LOL! I’m so glad you like the peanut and actually, Mr. Hanky might actually have to be a project I do soon. It’s not like I haven’t crocheted poop before. I’ve actually done it a couple of times now. LOL

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