Yarndango Project 32 – Simple Doll Lab Pattern

This was originally offered as a free video pattern but unfortunately, Youtube has made it very difficult for small producers to earn money with the recent changes they have made.  They now require a certain amount of subscribers AND viewing time.  Since I don’t plan to spend my life filming and uploading videos, my channel may not always have new material and that makes it hard to make money with the older videos as well.  Since I had already transcribed the pattern into written format for people who would rather work from a file they can take with them, I am eliminating the content from Youtube and just offering it in pdf at a very reasonable price.



This doll is my own design so we don’t have to worry about licenses so it is free for you to make and sell items from but please do give me credit, link to this site, share on facebook, etc.  You know the drift.

This pattern is a pdf file.  It is available for $1 USD and is emailed manually to you, usually within 24 hours.  Please remember that crochet designs require a lot of work.  I do offer many patterns for free but this small fee helps keep me supplied in yarn, helps keep this website up, and makes it worth my while to write up the designs for you!


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