Yarndango Project 31 – Simple Doll

Wow. I’ve been crazy mad busy and I realize some of the projects I’ve been coming up with lately for Yarndango really aren’t suitable for weekly projects. They are too long and involved for me to get patterns written up in time to do on a weekly basis. So I’m going to try to do a few smaller and easier projects for the next few weeks and think about beginners who might want something simple to do as they progress in their crochet skills.

In the meantime, I’m still working on my sloth fanny pack pattern and getting it ready to publish. It’s been tested by a most wonderful, talented, and patient crocheter who is totally worth her weight in gold. I’m very thankful for all her help, insights, advice, willingness to work in the madness of the mad crochet lab, and with me. I’m also giving a shot to creating a free pattern in video format. This has been quite a learning experience. Basically though, what I’m learning is that camera batteries run out quickly when filming video, but most of all, that we need better internet service at the Mad Crochet Lab! Part 2 of my video segment took 5 hours to upload to Youtube. In all that time, I was afraid to walk away from the computer in case it timed out or the screensaver came on or that there would be a cat walking across a keyboard and killing the process!



This is a doll I came up with that was inspired by a character created by Claudia Everest of A Dog A Day.  The simple doll pattern I am filming will be similar in construction but not exactly the same.  I will post more photos about it in the near future as well as provide written copy for those who do not wish to follow a video pattern.



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3 thoughts on “Yarndango Project 31 – Simple Doll

  1. My first thought was “long-limbed Charlie Brown in drag”. I really like the art over at A Dog A Day. I hope you find more inspiration from there. 🙂

    Haha! Peter! So good to see you! It’s funny because Claudia at A Dog A Day actually HAS drawn her characters in Charlie Brown style before so I thought it totally appropriate to poke a little fun at her when I made the crocheted version! I do have a lot of fun sparring back and forth with her!

  2. I had to giggle at the ‘cat walking over the keyboard’ line. Squeak has knocked me off so many websites by doing that, I’ve nearly skinned it for it once or twice. then again, she does also occasionally reveal short cuts I’d never knew about before so I suppose she earns the right to her own fur back…

    I hadn’t noticed your doll was a hook holder til I saw this (or is it just an old hook donated to the cause?)

    Too funny about the short cuts! LOL. I think I’ve learned things that way too! The doll isn’t truly meant to be a hook holder but I thought it was a fun way to look at it. I’d need a doll with much bigger ears to hold a LOT more hooks to truly consider her a hook holder! 😀

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