Yarndango Project 27 – Dog A Day Logo

I’m behind on posting Yarndango projects since took my little hiatus but will be catching up as quickly as I can.

As part of my “sucking up to Claudia Everest” so I can sell her little Dog A Day characters in crochet form, I made her a crocheted version of her logo, which is appropriately enough, a dog turd.  LOL.  This pattern will not be written up for sale but it was still designed and made by me so it satisfies my Yarndango project.  Too bad they don’t sell scented yarn so this could have been more realistic.


You can check out A Dog A Day here.  Claudia has already received her items and has posted photos of them a couple of times on her facebook page.  This makes me happy, but I still feel bad for Moroni as he always seems to be at the pointy end of Tiddles’ shenanigans.

Amiguruthi came up with this fabulous character and I really wished I had been able to post about it sooner but I ran out of time before my vacation.  Regardless, this little guy is so worth checking out and I love how she transcribed him into yarn form!

Laura handled a little mishap seamlessly with her speckled creation here – I would have never known if she hadn’t mentioned that she was running out of yarn.  This creature looks well-planned to me!

Pumpkin has been so busy lately with the arrival of a new nephew and caring for her niece during that time.  But that has not stopped her from creating these lovely yarn items.  Bonus photo of her new nephew!  Squeeee!



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