Yarndango Project 25 – Basic Tiny Humanoid Form

First let’s check in on what the other Yarndangoers have been up to! I know they’ve been busy!

Pumpkin is knitting away again on her looms and her daughter is quickly becoming a pro herself! Check out the lovely baby hats they are making!

This is just too cute for words so I’m not even going to say anything – just go look at Amiguruthi’s project!

I’ve been working on a fairy garden crochet-a-long in addition to creating Yarndango projects so in an attempt to be lazy efficient, I have combined those projects this week.  For the crochet-a-long we have about finished the project and are just awaiting the fairies to arrive!  So this week my project is a basic tiny humanoid form that can be a human, a fairy, whatever your imagination wants it to be.


Basic Tiny Humanoid Form

basic tiny humanoid

This pattern is my property and is not to be copied or reposted. It should remain free and finished objects made from it may be sold. Credit must be given to me as the designer.

Copyright 2013 Author: Tina Le Page – Mad Crochet Lab, All rights reserved

Materials for this Experiment

Baroque Crochet Cotton, Size 10, Color Ecru
Steel Hook size 2.10 mm
Small amount polyester fiberfill
One 12-inch long pipe cleaner
Stitch marker
sewing needle
stuffing tool
Wire snippers and pliers to turn wire


This project is made holding two strands of cotton together. Use stitch marker to mark last stitch in each round, replacing as you go. Legs and arms are not stuffed. Gage not important but if similar hook and materials are used, the result should be a humanoid about 5 inches tall. Please use a pair of pliers or jewelry making tool to turn in the edges of the pipe cleaner before closing up the legs and arms around them to be sure no sharp edges poke through.


Head and Body

1 – Make 6 SC in Magic Circle
2 – Increase in each stitch around (12)
3 – *SC in next stitch, 2 SC in next, repeat from * around (18)
4-6 – SC around (18)
7 – *SC in next stitch, decrease over next two stitches, repeat from * around (12)
8 – Decrease around (6) Stuff head.
9 – Increase in each stitch around (12)
10 – SC in next 6, chain 4 and SC in back bumps (3 SC), SC in next 6, chain 4 again and SC in back bumps (18) This is the start of the shoulders.
11 – *SC in next 9 and each of stitches on opposite side of chain 3, repeat from * (24) – 

11-*SC in next 2 SC, 2 SC in next, repeat from * around (24)  Don’t do this line – it’s just crazy!  Following is the corrected version:


11 – SC in each SC around, including on the back sides of the SC that were added in the previous round (24 SC)

12 – SC in next 9, 3 SC in next, SC in next 11, 3 SC in next, SC in each of last 2 (28)

13 – SC in next 10, 2SC in next, SC in next 12, 2 SC in next, SC in each of last 4 (30)
14 – SC in next 7, skip next 6 SC, SC in next 10, skip next 6 SC, SC in last 1 (this begins the arms which we will return to, 18)
15-21 – SC around (18)
22 – SC 4, skip 9, SC in last 5 (beginning of first leg, 9 SC)
23-34 – SC around (9). Finish off. Stuff body. If desired, insert a length of pipe cleaner up into existing leg and bend back around and out other leg opening. You will crochet around the pipe cleaner when making the last leg. Return to Round 22 and attach again with a SC in any stitch (preferably near the crotch area) and make 9 SC around for a total of 12 rounds. Finish off.


If desired, insert a length of pipe cleaner into one arm opening and out the other. You will work SC around the pipe cleaner to make the arms.
Return to Round 14 and attach with a SC in any stitch (preferably near armpit) and make 6 SC around. Continue rounds until you get the desired arm length and finish off. I added six rounds for my arms. Return to Round 14 again and repeat to make the other arm, adding the same number of rounds as you did for the first arm. Finish off.
tiny humanoid wip

Optional Breasts for Female (Make 2)

1 – Leaving a long beginning tail, make 6 SC in Magic Circle
2 – *SC in next SC, 2 SC in next, repeat from * around (9)
3 – SC around (9). Finish off, leaving a long tail for sewing. Stuff breast with long beginning tail and use long end tail to sew to chest.


Thread sewing needle with ends and weave all in. Take a few extra stitches at the crotch area and armpits if there are any gaps to close up. Decorate with hair, clothes and features as desired.

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5 thoughts on “Yarndango Project 25 – Basic Tiny Humanoid Form

  1. So cute, love her bewbies!!! (does that make me freeky? Great job Tina!! Thank you much!!!

    LOL – No, you are a little freaky but that isn’t what makes you that way and I wouldn’t change a thing about you! Thank you for the compliments. 🙂 Hope it gives anyone a start on a fairy if they didn’t have one!

  2. I love your little Humanoid…can’t wait to see your fairies!

    Thank you! I think I may just have one fairy – I have too many projects going on to do any more than that. But I’ll spend this week on hair, features and clothing for her. I hope I can find (make) some petals in her size! 😀

  3. This is great! I still haven’t mastered hair though, haha

    Me either, Laura! I’m hoping to make a little bun for this doll – kind of like Tinkerbell’s and hoping that will go smoothly for me. We’ll see. LOL. I absolutely love what you’ve done with your rubber band hair ties! Fabulous! 🙂

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