Yarndango Finished Project VI

Sad to say that I got no way near my magic number of 20 comments on my giveaway of the severed finger lip balm holders.  I guess I am going to be stuck with them in the house with me for a while.  The good news is that I can deliver them to my niece so she can pass them out to her trick or treaters on Halloween.    These things happen and I know that different patterns will be more popular than others so I’m okay with it (I’m just going to find an excuse to visit my niece and deliver them to her sooner rather than later).  Besides, I’ve gotten over it and moved on to another Yarndango pattern quicker than the stores switch merchandise from Halloween items to Christmas items!  Speaking of Christmas, this week’s Yarndango would make a lovely gift for a little girl.

It’s a baby doll!  But not just any baby doll.  This one has a split personality you see.  Just like any baby, she can be wide awake and adorable, or she can be asleep!  Okay, I know real babies have other emotions too, but I decided I didn’t want to include the screaming, teething, crying, and grumpy moods because that would just make me want to tear my hair out sad.

So here she is in all her glory, my lovely little Dolly Double-Face:

This project can be made with basically any doll pattern that has ambiguous arms and legs so that they can face either way.  All you have to do is flip her bonnet over to hide one face at a time.  Easier than changing a diaper!  But I will be posting this pattern soon.  I’m not posting it now simply because I am opening a new blog at www.madcrochetlab.com where I will be putting all my patterns and crochet related posts.  This should free up the tea room for my regular everyday non-crochet-related posts like the Live Poet’s Society, the Blog Friendship Cup, responses to my fan mail (spam), and other daily drivel.  🙂  So please just be a bit more patient while I move things around between blogs and get into a more normal routine.  Ha.  Normal.  That’s funny.

And what have our other Yarndangoers been up to this past week?  Just look at this:

Pumpkin has topped herself with that knifty knitter of hers this time.  I love all her projects so far but this is my absolute favorite!  I am in love!

Amiguruthi pulled out one of her older patterns and though she didn’t tag it with Yarndango, I say still counts because it is still an amigurumi project, it’s new to me, and it helps you find your car!  It’s an easy project and adorable so check it out!

Hope everyone is having a good week.  It’s been getting darker earlier and cooler at night lately so I guess we are creeping ever closer to fall.  All the better for snuggling, I say!





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7 thoughts on “Yarndango Finished Project VI

  1. Gosh Teeni, you are so clever! Such a fun idea to have 2 faces. I’ve seen dolls with a top and bottom (i.e. another head under the skirt) but this is a neat twist I hadn’t seen before. Love it!

    Oh, Hannah! I remember those dolls! I actually thought of doing that same thing and using the hat as well so that I would have four different faces but beyond crying, sleeping, and happy, I couldn’t think of another face to make for the doll! LOL. Maybe I will give this one another go sometime in the future. Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging comments, as always! <3

  2. What a cute little baby and I love the way the little hat flips over to show her other face, so cute!
    I put a card in the mail for you today so watch for it next week.
    …and to answer your question about cats, I did come up with it myself. Some of the hats I have made looked like they had cat ears on them, that’s where I came up with the idea.
    Also, because you have inspired me with your Yarndango challenge/projects and I have discovered I can do more with those knitters than I ever thought I could, the little black kitty is yours. I will send it to you in a couple weeks. I know that you and Chip will love him like I do!

    Aw, Melanie – thanks so much! I love getting cards in the mail and I will keep my eyes open for it! You really did a great job with that pattern and maybe you could get some interest in offering it to others. I am sure when they see your little kitties they will want to know how you did it! I am in awe of your wizardry with cards AND with the knifty knitter. Not fair that I am only good at crochet and Whack-a-Mole! LOL. OMG – you are so kind to give that little kitty to me! You know I was lusting after him and yes I will love him!!!!!!!! I already dooooo!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! <3

  3. That is cool! 🙂

    Thank you, DragonLady! It’s been fun trying to come up with something new each week. It drives me a little nuts but it is also a good thing and forcing me to continue to learn and be creative. How are you doing? I need to get over and visit your blog. That’s the only other problem with this challenge for me. Takes up so much time between designing, actually crocheting, keeping pattern notes, posting oh and eating and sleeping. I feel like I never have time to visit my favorite bloggers! I’m trying to get into a better routine though so hopefully that helps. I’ll be by shortly!

  4. Ah that’s really cute! And clever, bet she’d sell well to mums 🙂
    I like the colour choices too – that citrusy green works really well with the dark skin tone.

    Thank you, Ruthi! I absolutely love that green. I didn’t realize how pretty it was until it was contrasted with another color. 🙂

  5. Ok, i’m in! who’s up for snuggling first?

    LOL! Slyde you are a nut! So good to see you! I’ve been so busy wrangling yarn lately that I’ve been neglecting my blogging and need to go visit your site to see what kind of trouble you’ve been getting into lately. 🙂

  6. I found you! Love the look of your Mad Crochet Lab!

    LOL! Pumpkin, you are fast and you are my first comment! YAY! I am still cleaning up some links and stuff around here but soon this will be my crochet headquarters and the tea room shall just remain a general blog. But I was so excited to see I had a comment while I was working on it and so glad to see you! 🙂

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