Yarndango Finished Project Seventeen – Melee Ukulele or Guitar

I’ve finally purchased a tuner for my ukulele so I can play again.  I had put my little uke aside for a while because I couldn’t tune it myself by ear and I didn’t want to sound worse than I normally do.  But NOW, I am happy to say that if I sound terrible it is all to my own credit and not because my uke is out of tune.  Um, wait a minute, what am I saying?  Oh, nevermind.  What really matters is that since my little uke was on my mind, I went ahead and designed a pattern for one!

This pattern is available for $3.50 USD via paypal.  Please use the button below and the email address to which you would like it delivered.  You will receive the pattern as a pdf file attached to an email from madcroscientist at gmail.  Please check all your spam folders for the email to be sure you received it.  This is not an automatic download and I will respond to notifications as soon as I can – usually within 24 hours.  Thank you for your interest and your patience.  The neat thing is that this pattern will also make an acoustic guitar if you just add a couple of extra beads and strings!

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2 thoughts on “Yarndango Finished Project Seventeen – Melee Ukulele or Guitar

  1. I thought I’d commented on this already – I might be getting confused with Facebook lol.

    Cute little creation, so detailed. Ukes are lovely instruments (then again I have a soft spot for mini things!). Betcha not as bad as you’re claiming – I’m probably the least musical person in the world so I’m always impressed by musicians 🙂

    Oh, I get totally confused myself so no worries. I love my uke. I actually have two – one is a travel one and that is the one I use most often. I know a few chords and can play some simple stuff but I can’t read music fast enough so need to translate the music first! And sometimes I just like plinking the notes. LOL. Anyway, I have a lot of fun with it but don’t expect to get asked to be a member of a band or make any recordings! 🙂

  2. Sweet uke! I wish I had at least an ounce of musical talent, or at least the time and patience to learn. I would try to play guitar. Sorry I haven’t been around lately, not that I’m a huge commenter, but as I know you know, life has a way of getting busy on you. Time to play catch-up. 😉

    PETER! YAY! So glad to see you here! I’ve been busy crocheting all kinds of things! I’m so glad you like the ukulele! I would love to play guitar myself too, but I am really just so short and stubby that it’s practically impossible unless I was a contortionist. LOL. Hubby has one and when I put it on my lap, my arms are too short to bend over it to strum and my fingers are too fat to be useful on the frets. The uke just “fits” me much better and is easier for me with only four strings instead of six. But heck, playing any instrument, just for fun is so relaxing and such a joy. You don’t even have to be great or in a band to really just enjoy it. Thanks so much for stopping in when you could! <3

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