Yarndango Finished Project Post 21 – Quick and Dirty Furry Beard

This post is very early and I will add to it if anyone else has any projects next week, but with the holiday almost upon us, I figured I’d put this up early.

My project is a quick and dirty furry beard.  This beard is adult sized and I made it a long time ago but have not tried making adjustments for smaller sizes.  I may do that at a future time.  I know there are a lot of beards and bearded hats already out there, but this is the one I came up with and I figured I’d post it now because I had planned to anyway and a friend was looking for one.


Quick and Dirty Furry Beard


This pattern is my property and is not to be copied or reposted. It should remain free and finished objects made from it may be sold. Credit must be given to me as the designer.

Copyright 2012 Author: Tina Le Page – Mad Crochet Lab, All rights reserved


Fun Fur in desired color (darker colors work best)

Matching worsted weight yarn

Size I Hook

Elastic cord – clear is best but it will be covered by ears and hat for the most part.  You may also use a button at either end of the beard instead of elastic cord.  As long as the hat used with the beard is loosely crocheted or knitted enough, the buttons can be pushed through in almost any area, making it a perfect fit for just about any adult.  This is how I made it most recently for someone who wasn’t around so I couldn’t be sure the beard would fit.  I also made him a crocheted hat to use with it and it worked out perfectly!


1 – Holding yarn and fun fur together, chain 33.  SC in back bump of 2nd chain from hook and across (32).  Chain 1 and turn.

2 – Increase in first SC, SC across and increase in last SC (34).  Chain 1 and turn.

3 – Repeat Row 2 (36).  Chain 1 and turn.

4 – SC across (36).  Chain 1 and turn.

5 – Decrease, SC across, decrease over last two SC (34).  Chain 1 and turn.

6 – SC in 13, Chain 12, Skip 8 SC, SC in last 13.  Chain 1 and turn.

7 – Decrease, SC 11, decrease over next 2 chains, SC in next 2 chains, decrease twice, SC in next 2 chains, decrease over last 2 chains, SC next 11, decrease.  FO.


Cut two equal lengths out of the elastic cord, long enough to attach to side of beard and go around and behind ears.  Weave one length into each side of beard and tie into loop.  Hide knots in beard.  Or, use matching or invisible thread and sew a button on each end of the beard.

Finish by weaving in all ends.  You may wish to trim some fur away from the mouth hole, but I would still recommend removing the beard for eating!



Amazing Amiguruthi posted a fabulous free pattern this week.  Honestly I wasn’t sure anyone would with all the craziness before the holidays, but again, Ruthi IS amazing and she DID.  And I’m extremely partial to her project for obvious reasons.


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4 thoughts on “Yarndango Finished Project Post 21 – Quick and Dirty Furry Beard

  1. Love the hat!! Where’d you get that? 😛

    LOL! The hat was a gift from my Secret Santa, but you already knew that! I was wondering if you’d like me to mention that here and point anyone to your page? If so, let me know! Be happy to give you a link!

  2. That is awesome! That is just too cool.

    Thank you, Daren! And thanks for taking the time to comment! I love comments! 🙂

  3. Ha that’s ace – it actually looks pretty realistic too. I bet the fun fur gets right up your nose tho! x

    LOL! Yes, it CAN get right up your nose! Haha! I definitely think a trim is necessary around those areas but for a quick and easy furry beard, it’s fun!

  4. I have to say that I am loving this pattern!! May attempt to try it once I get some fun yarn. Have not tried it yet because I had no clue what to do with a yarn that thin. Where did you happen to find that hook stand next to the hat? I have been looking for them in craft stores but no luck yet. Great pattern!! Hope you have a great weekend.

    Hi Kristan! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! This really is a fun and quick pattern! When you use the fur yarn, you will be holding it with a strand of regular worsted yarn at the same time, which makes working with it a lot easier. The stand you see in the picture is actually an ornament stand. It’s meant to display just one special ornament and it worked out really well to show off the little crocheted tree that a friend made for me. I think I got it at Pier I Imports but you may soon find them in many places as we get nearer to the holidays. Hope your weekend is wonderful as well! 🙂

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