Yarndango Finished Object VII – Hummingbird

Hi all!  Welcome to the new Mad Crochet Lab Blog!  You may notice that this post isn’t the earliest one here but that is simply because I’ve moved all my crochet and Yarndango related posts to this blog.  But this post is the actual first one I’m doing “live” here.

This past week was extremely difficult for me to find quality crochet time since Igor was home from work on vacation time.  We did get to do some lovely day trips and I found a fabulous magnifying glass necklace in the shape of a ladybug that is going to help me with the tinier crochet work so that was fun.

Amiguruthi created a pattern for a character in an old television show!  I’d never heard of nor seen it before, but it is adorable and was done in stop-motion animation.  How cool is that?  Her little character is also adorable and though she is not yet happy with the finished product, she put up her free pattern and marked it as unfinished.  I think it actually stands alone quite nicely as is and I am sure if you had ever seen the show you would immediately recognize her little Clanger for what it is.  I just recognize it as a cute amigurumi!  Woot!  But I totally understand how it is when one is not happy with something in their work.  And I have plenty of projects that I keep in a bag hidden up in a closet to remind me of that – I will have to post about them sometime, as embarassing and as horrible as that may be, it could also be pretty funny.  Regardless, Amiguruthi went on and also winged a jellyfish to contribute to a coral reef installation art piece!  If you have never seen one of these coral reefs, you especially need to check this post.  They are amazing and usually put together by a number of artists.  I am just totally impressed by this gal who is now finding crochet art everywhere and not only that, finding ways to contribute!  Hugs to you, Ruthi!

Pumpkin is amazing me with her knifty knitter projects.  She came up with that cat design herself that I posted about last week and she made a change to the pattern to make it smaller and OMG, now we have KITTENS!!!!!!!!!!  And KITTENS WITH STRIPES!  The cuteness is abundant!  I just don’t know if she can ever top this one in my books!  LOL.  Of course, as you can tell, I’m kind of fond of kittens.  😉

Finally, my Yarndango project is a little hummingbird.  This is one of the first patterns I ever came up with and I’ve made him several times before with different wing and tail variations.  It has some slight shaping to it just so it wouldn’t look like a ball with wings stuck on it but is still very easy to do.  He is only 4 inches tall so I thought this time he would be a great hummingbird.

Following is the pattern for this little guy.

This pattern is my property and is not to be copied or reposted.  It should remain free and finished objects made from it may be sold, but credit must be given to me as the designer.

Copyright 2012 Author: Tina Le Page – Mad Crochet Lab, All rights reserved

Easy Amigurumi Hummingbird


Small amount variegated worsted weight variegated yarn

Small amount of solid complimentary color for wings/tail in worsted weight yarn

Small amount yellow worsted weight yarn

Hook Size F (3.75mm)

Safety eyes

Polyester Fiberfill

Stitch marker to mark last round of each stitch and move with each round

Tapestry needle

Head and Body

Round 1 – 6 SC in Adjustable Ring

Round 2 – INC in each SC = 12 SC

Rounds 3-5 – SC in each SC around = 12 SC

Attach safety eyes now.  Holding the hook in the work at 12:00, fasten the eyes at approximately 4:00 and 8:00, see photo

Round 6 – *SC in next SC, INV DEC over next two stitches (repeat from * around) = 8 SC

Round 7 – *SC in next SC, INC in next* (repeat from * around) = 12 SC

Round 8 – INC in next SC, SC in next SC, INC in next, SC in remaining stitches = 14 SC

Round 9 – INC in next, SC in next 4 SC, INC in next SC, SC in remaining 8 stitches = 16 SC

Round 10 – SC in next 2 SC, INC in next SC, SC in next 2 SC, INC in next SC, SC in remaining 10 stitches = 18 SC

Round 11 – SC in next 4 SC, INC in next 2 SC, SC in next 7 SC, DEC in next 2 SC, SC in last SC = 18 SC

Round 12 – SC in next 14 SC, DEC in last 2 = 16 SC

Round 13 – SC in next 6 SC, INC in next SC, SC in next 7 SC, DEC over last 2 SC = 16 SC

Round 14 – DEC, SC in next 12 SC, DEC = 14 SC, stuff

Round 15 – DEC over next 2 SC around = 7 SC.  Add any additional stuffing, then slip stitch in next stitch and finish off, leaving a tail for sewing.  Thread yarn tail into tapestry needle and weave through all remaining outer loops of stitches.  Gather tight to close opening, knot and hide tail inside body.

Feet (Make 2) with Yellow

Chain 6 (one is to turn)

SC back down the next 3 back bumps of the chain, then chain 4 more and SC back down the next 3 back bumps of that chain to return to the original chain.  SC across side of stitch and in last 2 chains of original chain.  Finish off.

Wings (Make 2)

With complimentary color, Chain 4 (one is to turn).  SC in each of next 3 chains, then chain 1 and turn (counts as first HDC).

HDC in same stitch, HDC in next and 2 HDC in last stitch = 5 HDC.  Chain 2 and turn (counts as first DC).

DC in next stitch and each across = 5 DC.  Chain 1 and turn (counts as first HDC).

HDC decrease in same stitch and next stitch.  HDC decrease over last two stitches = 3 HDC.  Chain 1 and turn (counts as first SC).

SC decrease, SC in last stitch.  = 2 SC.  Chain 1 and turn (counts as first SC).

SC decrease = 1 SC.  Finish off.


With yellow, chain 4.  SC in back bump of chain, then chain 5 and slip stitch down four back bumps of that chain to return to original chain.  SC in original chain and in last chain.  Finish off.


With complimentary color, chain 5 (two to turn and counts as first DC).

DC in same stitch as turning, and across to last chain.  2 DC in last chain.  (5 DC) Chain two and turn.

DC in same stitchas turning and across to last chain.  2 DC in last chain.  (7 DC)  Finish off, leaving a yarn tail to attach to body.  I actually ran the yarn through the bottom stitches and pulled on it a little to gather them a little tighter and make a fan shape out of the tail before attaching.

Sew your legs, wings, beak and tail to your bird and he’s ready to fly!


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7 thoughts on “Yarndango Finished Object VII – Hummingbird

  1. HUGS BACK!!
    I’m amazed how much crochet I’ve managed to stumble across recently that I can contribute towards – I’m loving it lol.

    Your humming bird is so cute! The shaped body looks great, that’s where I usually get lost in pattern designing – if it’s not a multiple of six I get confused lol. Plus using a mixture of stitches is unusual to see in amigurumi so that’s a really interesting way to create. I love the multicoloured wool you’ve used too 🙂

    Thanks about the bird. I’ve only ever made him as a small beaked bird before. LOL. Oh, you know – math is so not my strong suit. I have the same problems as you when it is not a multiple of six! You should see my notebook and all the scribbles and tick marks in it as I am trying to work things out! I ended up with this pattern simply by experimenting. I figured if I increased on one side of the circle and decreased equally on the other that it would start curving and it turns out that is exactly what happened and I liked the shape so much that I’ve made this little bird to send to friends. And learned something along the way. One thing I really love about crochet is that I can always learn something new and I have to say that crocheters are some of the friendliest and helpful people I’ve been meeting and learning from!

  2. Just got mine up…my daughter, work, and homeschooling my daughter are keeping me on my toes! Your humming bird is so adorable!

    Yay! I’m linking you up! Again, I feel weird asking people if they are going to participate this week because I don’t want to hassle anyone. So I don’t mind adding the links after I’ve posted either, and if you ever want me to, I can link you up in the next week’s post, you just let me know! And you already know I love these little guys! 🙂

    • I had them all done yesterday morning, just didn’t have a chance to get them up until last night. My son told me that the kitten with the orange stripe looked like a little bandit…I knew you would love them!

      Funny that you mentioned that because even when I have my project done early, I forget how long it takes to put up a post with links and tags and etc. I need to better plan my time if I’m going to continue this for the rest of the year!!!! And of course you were right that I’d love them. I’ve loved everything you’ve made so far, just have a special fondness for kitties as you know! 🙂 <3

  3. What a great idea for a blog. I am sure it will go very well! ((hug))

    Thank you! It just seemed to make sense to consolidate my crochet and craft related posts in one blog rather than take up the tea room with them since I can use that as a place to talk about other stuff. 🙂

  4. You have to see what my daughter made…she came up with it all on her own. I am so proud of her for coming up with it on her own too! I will post it on your facebook wall. It’s cute!

    I’m so glad you posted it on my wall – I saw it there first! So pretty soon I think she will be designing her own line of loom patterns? I sure hope so because really there need to be more cute patterns for the loom knitters!!! I prefer using the loom to using two needles myself so would love to see that happen. But as long as she is having fun with it, that’s all that matters. She did do a great job on that bunny. It’s adorable and I hope she keeps at it! She is inspiring me! 🙂

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  6. This pattern is adorable, I’ve added it to the new site http://www.crochetatplay.com A new site to find 100s of free crochet patterns from all over the web. Updated every Wednesday and Saturday nights! Megan

    Thank you, Megan! I’m so glad you like it! Thanks so much for taking on the project of collecting free patterns for us crocheters! I’ve emailed you a link to the page on my blog where I post all my free patterns. See you on the ‘net! 🙂

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