Yarndango Completed Project 20

I’ve been grumbling over the fact that it’s hard to get good help in the lab.  I’ve got one assistant with no head, arms or legs, and another assistant that is only a head with no body.  Igor has to go to work at a “real” job to feed the cats and me, so what am I left with?  Not much, I tell you.  So being the Mad Crochet Scientist that I am, I figured it would be a good idea to create my own lab assistant.  So I did.  And I used another talented stitcher’s idea for inspiration.  So, first you should check out NyanPon’s Knits and Crochets Project that had my heart all a-flutter!  Can you believe it?  She knitted a bioluminescent lab rat!  I HAD to have one.  What mad scientist is complete without a lab rat???!!  But I’m a CROCHET scientist so I spoke with the lovely and talented blogger/crafter behind NyanPon’s and asked if she would mind if I used her knit project as inspiration for my crocheted version.  She generously agreed and so my Mad Crochet Lab Rat was born!  Introducing Nutters, the Nervous Lab Rat!  🙂

Really?  Why DOES he look so nervous?  It’s not like anything could possibly go wrong in my Mad Crochet Lab, right?  😉

Nutters the Nervous Lab Rat Crocheted Pattern (Hedgehog Option at end of Pattern)


Not sure why he looks so nervous.



What could possible go wrong in the Mad Crochet Lab?


This pattern is my property and is not to be copied or reposted. It should remain free and finished objects made from it may be sold. Credit must be given to me as the designer.

Copyright 2012 Author: Tina Le Page – Mad Crochet Lab, All rights reserved


Small Amount White Worsted Yarn

Small Amount Pink Worsted Yarn

Small Amount pink felt

Polyester fiberfill

Glue or invisible Thread and sewing needle

Fabric paint or other eyes

Size F Hook


Start with White

1 – Make magic circle with 6 SC

2-3 – SC around (6)

4 – *SC in each of next 2, increase in next.  Repeat from * around (8)

5 – Repeat round 4  *SC in next, INC in next.  Repeat from * around (12)

6 – Repeat round 5 again (18)

7 – SC Around (18)

8 – *SC in next 2, increase in next.  Repeat from * around (24).  Insert eyes if using safety eyes now.

9-14- SC around (24)

15 – *SC in next 2, decrease in next.  Repeat from * around (18)

16-17 –  SC around (18)

18 – *SC in next, decrease in next.  Repeat from * around (12)

19 – SC around (12)  Stuff the body and nose firmly.

20 – Decrease around (6).  Finish off.

Feet (Make 4)

With pink

1 – *Chain 5, slip stitch in back bumps back down to first ch.  Repeat from * two more times.  Slip stitch in beginning chain and finish off, leaving long tail for sewing.

Ears (Make 2)

With white

1 – 6 SC in magic circle

2 – Increase in each stitch around (12)

3 – *SC in next, increase in next.  Repeat from * around (18).  Finish off, leaving long tail for sewing.


With pink

Insert three 12 inch lengths of yarn into rump so that equal lengths protrude from each on either end.  Now there are six lengths.  Using two strands together for each section, make three sections and braid into a tail.  Knot the end and finish off.


Cut circles from pink felt for inner ears.  I glued them to the wrong side of the crocheted ear and used that side to face forward.  Pin and sew to head.

Attach all feet, use pink yarn to embroider nose.  Use felt, fabric paint or beads to make eyes.  I also show the rat wearing a pair of Oobi eyes in the second photo.  He is wearing them in front of the felt and fabric painted eyes that I’ve sewn on in that photo.


Pinky the Hedgehog Made by Alisa Carlson


William the Hedgehog Made by Chris Quirky


And One I made using Eyelash yarn




To make a hedgehog from this pattern, change the colors of yarn you would use.  After completing Round 7 of Body,  add in fun fur yarn and hold together with worsted yarn until body is complete.  For ears, only complete Round 1.  Skip the tail altogether and change the feet from a Chain 5 to a Chain 3.  Taaa-daaah!  You have a hedgehog!  🙂  The above photos of hedgehogs are copyrighted and belong to the testers who made them.  They did great work!



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8 thoughts on “Yarndango Completed Project 20

  1. Love your rat!

    Thank you!! I love him too, but he needs a name! (Something that begins with an “N”) the Nervous Lab Rat. Any ideas?

  2. Looks great! You should call him Nickel, Neptunium or Neon. Thanks so much for the great project, I have to make one now. I might even have some more glow in the dark yarn around…

    OOoh, your names all sound scientific too! Very appropriate for a lab rat! I was sad that I had no glow yarn to make mine, but a friend of mine told me about glow paint that I can add on later so I may purchase some of that and add some glow around his eyes! Woot!

  3. Ah mah gawd! That’s freaking adorable! And I’m giggling imagining what could’ve have caused his eyes to pop between photos lol. I think the googly eyed version is my fave.
    Norman is a cool name.

    LOL. So glad you like him! I think he may have just realized what kind of experiments he may become involved in. That’s two for Norman!

  4. MOUSE!!!! Jumped up in my chair and getting ready to climb on the table then I saw his eyes. I knew he must be one of your experiments. He is kinda ok ok a whole lot cute for a mouse. :))

    LOL! You always make me giggle. I’m picturing you up on a table afraid of this little guy. And this little guy is probably more afraid of everything, especially since he realized he is in a MAD CROCHET LAB!!!! Who knows what he is in for?

  5. Thank you!
    I LOVE YOUR RAT!!!! Oh, my goodness he is so cute! My brother had a couple of rats when we were growing up, they are so cool! Your rat reminds me of that cartoon “Pinky and the Brain” I used to love that cartoon.
    Merry Christmas!

    LOL! So glad you like him! He’s really growing on me. He is going to become the mascot in the Mad Crochet Lab. So I will make him the profile pic on my facebook page too! Merry Christmas to you and yours! <3

  6. I really like this mouse.
    thanks for sharing the pattern with us!

    Thank you, Miranda! I just visited your blog too and you have some really nice crocheting going on over there! 🙂

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