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I was tagged by the lovely and talented Rebeckah Kristin Ferger of Rebeckah’s Treasures to participate in the Worldwide Artist Blog Hop.  This is a blog hop where artists answer 4 questions and then invite other artists to do the same in the following week.  You can read Rebeckah’s answers to the questions here, and get to know the creator of the Happily Ever After fashion doll dress patterns a bit better.  My answers are below.

1) Why do I do what I do? 

Sometimes I ask myself the same thing!  I think I’ve realized that I do what I do because I have a basic need to create.  Crochet is the medium I use to do it because it is so adaptable and something I’ve been doing for so many years.  Using it to make the ideas in my head become tangible items satisfies that need.

2) What am I working on now? 

So many things!  LOL.  Keeping up with social networks takes a lot of time so my crocheting time has actually diminished recently.  In addition to the Mad Crochet Lab, I also manage a Facebook cro-munity page called Treblemaking Hookers along with the extremely talented Chris Quirky.  We try to promote the art and business of crochet while giving an audience to designs and designers who could use a little exposure.  We love unique designs and are always trying to find ways to do things differently.  Personally, I just finished some barefoot sandals for my sister’s destination beach wedding and have some orders to fill.  I’ve done so many amigurumis over the last two years that I’m actually itching to design some non-amigurumi items.  It’s funny that I became bored of crocheting “normal” items before going crazy with amigurumis, and now that’s starting to reverse itself.  Look out world!  😉

orderslisagoldbfsandalslogo orderslisabridebfsandalslogo

3) How does my work differ from others of it’s genre? 

I’m not really sure my work fits into a particular genre, although if you only were familiar with me for the last two years you would probably guess it to be amigurumi.  The truth is, I’ve made all kinds of things over the years, from crocheted jewelry type barefoot sandals, accessories, ponchos, afghans and a working candy dispenser as well as amigurumis.  I’d like to think my work is different because it explores crochet – my experiments are a small indicator of this.  When I conduct an experiment, I invite others to join me as I explore what other items may come of an existing crocheted item – what else can be done with that shape?  What happens if you change a color here or add or delete some rows?  To keep things interesting, I work hard to try not to do things the same way as others and that includes everything right down to my Facebook posts.  Yet I do try to be sure most of my patterns can be made with easily-available materials and are written in the best way so as not to cause confusion.  For instance, I decided to no longer rate a pattern as easy, intermediate or advanced – instead, all my patterns from now on will list the skills necessary to complete the pattern.  Because some new crocheters are very quick on picking up new skills and shouldn’t be inhibited by the rating on a pattern, in my opinion.  Some crocheters with years of experience may not have tried a certain stitch before.  Listing the skills allows almost anyone who crochets to brush up on the stitches or skills necessary and be able to complete the pattern.  If I can make it, I think others should be able to as well.


4) How does my creative process work? 

Many of my creations are at least lightly inspired from real life events, even if they aren’t specific or related to me personally.  For instance, my Internet Troll was created after seeing some nasty comments in a thread.  Others are just crazy ideas that my mind has entertained.  My alien finger puppet came about after seeing the uniquely shaped cherry tomato containers at the grocery store.  They sure looked like little space ships.  Wouldn’t it be cute to save the container and put a little alien inside it?  Sometimes I just like to challenge myself to see if I can make something look the way the original character looks.  My finger muppets came about because of that need to just “see if I could.”  I also challenge myself in other ways to improve my work.  I spent a whole year trying to come up with one pattern a week, to test myself, improve my pattern writing and speed, and see if I could survive.  You might notice that many of my patterns contain the word Yarndango.  That was the name of the challenge I gave myself and those patterns came into existence during that year.  It was tough, but I hadn’t seen anyone else do that sort of thing and it did help me in many ways.  Also, many of my ideas are just things I think are comical.  Wouldn’t it be funny to create a xxxxx?  So I guess the short answer to this question is that my process involves trying to answer my own questions.  How mad is that?  😉


Alien Finger Puppets in Cherry Tomato Container UFOs!

Alien Finger Puppets in Cherry Tomato Container UFOs!


Cookie Monster Finger Muppet

I would love to see the following people answer these same questions on their blogs or pages (some of my favorite artists do not have blogs so I will tag their Facebook pages):

Claudia Everest of the A Dog A Day Facebook Page – love her drawings and our online rivalry!

Kathy James of the A Quirk of Felt Facebook Page – fabulous felted quirky creatures!

Colorido Ecletico – Some of the most stunning works as well as fabulous daily inspirations – would love to know more about the person behind the blog whose posts in my newsfeed always fascinate me!

Beth at MumblesMummy – She takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary!

Upa at Upa! Mi Gurrumin – Fantastic amigurumi sculptures!

DenDennis at DenDennis on tumblr and Facebook page – Adorable amigurumis and patterns!

I would love to hear each of these great artists’ answers to these questions.  It’s so much fun to learn a little about their ideas and processes.


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