Tomato Containers Giveaway

Remember those cherry tomato containers I had asked for your input on?  Well, I finally did something with them.  It involved a Krazy Glue failure, some wood, and help from my new Mad Crochet Lab assistant, Igor.

This is what the containers looked like once I succeeded in getting them the way I want them:


At first, I tried to just Krazy Glue those little pieces of dowel into the containers.  And even though the glue basically claims to bond dissimilar items like plastic and wood together, for some reason, it just did not work in this case.  After several frustrating attempts, Igor used the big machines in the lab to screw the dowels in from the bottom of the containers.  That seems to have worked.

Now why did I go through all this trouble?  Because this is how I imagined those little containers in my mind:




Yup – little UFOs driven by little alien finger puppets!  The problem was that the aliens needed a “seat” on which to sit when they were navigating their vehicles and not on somebody’s finger.  So that is where the wooden dowel comes in.  At first, I considered just cutting a hole into the bottom of the container, but since I am not a carpenter, I figured the edges would be too sharp to risk putting a human finger through the bottom.  But now the aliens can be seated while they navigate and be removed to be played with.

Now I have two little UFOs with aliens flying around my crochet lab.  It is tough enough to work here without that distraction so of course I am going to have a giveaway for these little guys.  There is a disclaimer though – the plastic containers are pretty fragile.  They can be opened very delicately.  But they can crack and need to be handled with care.  I cannot be responsible for that since I did not make the containers.  Also, as I mentioned, I am not a carpenter and although I did lightly sand the dowels, it is possible that they could snag or splinter, so I would not recommend the UFO as a plaything – more like just a display box for the aliens.  The aliens, on the other hand, are made with acrylic yarn, polyester fiberfill, and felt eyes which are sewn on, so those are probably fine for little people.

So the way this contest will work is that all the people who commented on the Tomato Container Challenge post will get to comment twice (Peter Parkour,  Annebella, and Melanie this means you).  MacBros gets to comment three times since he was thinking along the same lines as me when he suggested that the containers looked like UFOs.  Anyone else who wants to, may comment once.  There are two UFOs so there will be two winners.  Comments number 12 and 21 will be winners.  I will also be posting a link to this contest at the Mad Crochet Lab facebook page.  Contest ends on Monday, June July 23 so I can start preparing myself for my crazy crochet challenge.  Please remember that the comments will be in moderation so it will appear that there are no comments on the post during the contest!  Now you know the drill and can start commenting!


This pattern is my property and is not to be copied or reposted.  It should remain free and finished objects made from it may be sold, but credit must be given to me as the designer.

Copyright 2012 Author: Tina Le Page – Mad Crochet Lab, All rights reserved

Alien Finger Puppet Pattern


Small amount of worsted weight yarn in your favorite alien color

Size F (3.75mm) hook

Stitch marker to mark last stitch in each round when working rounds

black or invisible sewing thread

sewing needle

tapestry needle

small amount polyester fiberfill

small amount black felt


Head and Body

Rnd 1 – SC 6 in Magic Circle

Rnd 2 – Increase in each SC around = 12 SC

Rnd 3 – *SC in next SC, Increase in next SC (repeat from * around) = 18 SC

Rnds 4-6 – SC in each SC around = 18 SC

Rnd 7 – *SC in next SC, Decrease over next 2 SC (repeat from * around) = 12 SC

Rnd 8 – *Decrease over next 2 SC, SC in each of next 3 SC (repeat from * around) = 8 SC

Rnd 8 – *SC in next SC, Decrease using next 2 SC, (repeat from * around) = 8 SC

Rnd 9 – Increase in next SC, SC all remaining SC = 9 SC

Rnd 10 – Increase in next SC, SC all remaining SC = 10 SC

Rnds 11-13 – SC in each SC around = 10 SC and finish off.  NOTE:  I made the alien body a bit short to fit on the dowels in the tomato containers.  Here is where you will add some rounds if you would like to make the body a bit longer to fit your favorite person’s finger, if necessary.  Stuff polyester fiberfill into just the head area.  No need to close it up, the stuffing remains pretty well where it is unless someone purposely wants to remove it.  Plus, it provides a nice cushion for the fingertip when used as a finger puppet.


Arms/Hands (Make 2)

CH 8 (one is to turn).  SS down back bumps of next 3 CH.  CH 4, SS down back bumps of next 3 CH, and CH 4 once more and SS down back bumps of next 3 CH (3 fingers made). Next, SS down remaining 4 unworked CHs which brings you back to where you started. Leave long tail for sewing and finish off. Sew or tie to sides of alien.


Legs/Feet (Make 2)

CH 12 (one is to turn). SS back down back bumps of next 3 CH. CH 4, SS down back bumps of next 3 CH, and CH 4 once more and SS down back bumps of next 3 CH (3 toes made). Next, SS down remaining 8 unworked CH which brings you back to where you started. Leave long tail for sewing and finish off. Sew to bottom front of alien.

NOTE:  Pattern was revised to make it much clearer and this way the feet will look more like the hands, not wider as shown in the photo.  If you prefer wider feet, you can substitute SC for the SS when making the feet. (July 18, 2014).


Eyes (Make 2)

Cut teardrop shape from black felt and sew onto face using black or invisible thread.


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26 thoughts on “Tomato Containers Giveaway

  1. That is soooo awesome- guess I didn’t realize at the time that the little up-cycled piece you ask what you could possibly do with it should be for you mad lab creations! A terrarium? LOL! What were you gonna knit some rocks and plants? I’m soooo slow, but I get it now and I have my foot in the door at the mad lab at a chance of winning an ALIEN and his UFO! Whoot Whoot! Thanks for including me! These turned out amazing!!!!

    Well, now you know that people have attempted to knit and/or crochet just about anything! And I didn’t specify that I’d be crocheting something for it because I just wanted to see what people would come up with and didn’t want to limit your imaginations. I actually love the terrarium idea and I may have just the right containers for those too! 😉

  2. Whether or not I win is irrelevant, and whether or not he will see this comment is also irrelevant because I’m going to say it anyway. Mac made the UFO connection because of his numerous alien abductions. If he could read this, I would mention the obligatory “anal probe” remark that his abductions always prompt. hahahahahaha 🙂

    OMG! I am in stitches reading this. I wish I didn’t have to hold the comment in moderation because I am laughing alone right now! 🙂

  3. What a cute idea Teeni! Those little aliens are adorable!

    Thank you, Melanie! I just couldn’t help thinking of little aliens when I looked at those tomato containers. They just kind of screamed, “UFO,” to me! 😉

  4. I finally don’t have a baby attached to my hip so I am visiting you for a bit. Even when I sleep Silas is with me. Soon he will be in his own room and I will be happy to get my room back just for myself.
    I wish I had the time to blog. I really do miss it but it is great to see you up and running.
    I have been checking out your crocheted masterpieces. They are wonderful.
    Today I have the afternoon to myself and I am going to sit on the porch and read. Something I haven’t done in a long time.
    Hugs to you!!

    Oh, Joan – a rare moment for you without a baby attached to your hip! LOL. I am so glad to have you visit when you have the time. I miss having you around on the internet more but I know you are with your grandchildren and I think it is wonderful that they are growing up with such a fabulous presence in their lives. 🙂 Hugs to you too, my friend! <3

  5. Super cute idea!! You are so clever 🙂

    Thank you, Hannah! I think these aliens are about the size and complexity of the projects I will be able to make during my crazy crochet challenge!

  6. Pick Me! Pick Me!!!

    See – I knew that they looked like UFO’s… I should know. I’ve been taking joyrides almost every night lately.

    ROFL – If only you and Martha could see each other’s comments right now. This is the best part of moderation – I am enjoying your bickering and you guys don’t even know you are doing it!

  7. These little aliens remind my of my youngest brother, who loves aliens!

    Aw! Well, I have to admit these ones are kind of cute. I’m glad I didn’t try and make some creepy alien like the one in the movie, Alien! I don’t think I’d want those in the house with me. 😉

  8. I love these !!!!!! 🙂

    Hi Brenda! I’m so glad you like them and that you came over to comment! I love visitors and comments in the tea room! It makes me happy! 🙂

  9. They are so flipping cute, Teeni!

    Hi BD! I’m glad you like them! I just wanted to make something small and cute to practice for my fast-approaching crazy crochet challenge where I will be attempting to design and crochet a new amigurumi item each week for a year. Yes, I AM nuts! LOL.

  10. I guess this is comment #2 for me – Ummm. what to say, what to say…. Hmmmm. OH! I know!


    HAHA! You kill me! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Ok, I felt it was “the time” so here goes my #2 comment *closing my eyes, fingers crossed*. Thanks for making such cuties Teeni!

    Is this comment number 12? Oh YES IT IS! You are the first winner so you get to choose whether you would like the blue or the green alien! And congratulations on your new little outer-world visitor! Woot! You should definitely continue to go by your feelings, I think! 🙂

    • Blue! Whoooot-whoooooot! How exciting, I can hardly stand it! Yay me!!!!

      I am so happy you won, Drucilla! 🙂 Send me your address through the contact form and I will get your little alien into the mail to you as soon as possible! P.S. How did you know you won? I hadn’t approved comments yet so I didn’t think anyone could see them? Or did you get notified through email because of the feed? You couldn’t see anyone else’s comments could you? I just want to make sure this is still a good way to do the contests. But I am so glad you won! It is an appropriate little token of my thanks for letting me pick your brain. 🙂

  12. This is the coolest couple of Aliens I’ve ever seen and of course the re-use of the tomato containers is right up my alley. They get a 10 out of 10 for being cool on every level, lol great job Teeni!!!!

    Thanks, Sharon! I’m so flattered! I love finding cute uses for those kinds of containers. Pinterest has made me look at everything differently. 🙂 Oh, and this is a good indication of the types of projects I’ll be trying to make each week during my crazy crochet challenge, so you have an idea.

  13. Those are too cute for words! Great imagination and wonderful jobs on the little guys.

    Hi Valerie! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I love comments and sometimes I come up with rewards for the people who participate at my blog, so even if you don’t win this contest, keep checking in when you can! I am so glad you like the little aliens.

  14. TOO COOL!!!

    Hi Curious! Thanks you for the compliment and thanks so much for joining in! I’ve seen some of your work on Ravelry – you are very talented. The mushroom purse is a neat idea. Glad to have you any time! 🙂

  15. These are super cute.What a creative idea. 🙂 From a Fellow Crocheter 🙂

    Yay! A fellow crocheter! Welcome to the tea room! 🙂 Thank you for the kind words. I’m so glad to get to meet some other crocheters since I started focusing my blog a little more on it and created my Mad Crochet Lab facebook page! Come on back any time. There’s always something fun going on here.

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  17. I would love to win these cute little aliens for my kiddos

    Thank you for participating, Amy! I will be continuing to have little contests like this through my blog so keep stopping in to join in on the fun.

  18. These are super cool! What a creative and fun idea!!!

    Thank you so much, Patti! I’m so glad you like them. I think they are kind of cute too. I mean, when you think of how creepy or terrifying a real alien could look. Yikes, don’t even want to think about it! LOL. Please keep stopping in when you can. I plan on having lots more of these giveaways in the future! 🙂

  19. Fingers crossed! These are so cute 🙂

    Congratulations, Amiguruthi! This is comment 21 and you win the green alien in his own little UFO. Please use the contact form to send me your address and I will get this little guy shipped off to you! And thank you for taking the time to comment! 🙂 I visited your blog and saw the adorable amigurumis you designed too – love them!

    • I’ve just emailed you, but I felt the need to comment squee to here it is!
      YAY! AAAAAAALIEN!!!! W00T!

      LOL! Comment squees aqre always welcome! 🙂 Congratulations to you and I hope you love your little alien. Got your address and hope to get him in the mail to you in this afternoon!

  20. A day late and a dollar short; the story of my life. 😉 Those little blue guys are pretty cool. Job well done and containers well re-purposed. 🙂

    Thank you!!!! Sheesh, you just missed this one too. No matter, though. You will get a special little something for coming up with Yarndango!!! 🙂 And there will be plenty more giveaways during Yarndango as well.

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  22. I just received my bLuE on my doorstep this afternoon! So thrilled, well….. for the most part 😉 LOL, you’ll see!

    Oh my gosh! I had no idea about his bad habit! I am soooo sorry, Annebella! LOL. I hope you can get him under control! Your post was freaking awesome! 😉

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