Yarndango Projects 33 and 34 – Nuts and Cats

It’s been mad crazy busy as usual here around the Mad Crochet Lab.  Yes, I realize I say that often.  Because it’s true.  But I also realize it must be getting boring to hear that so let me just tell you that a wild screaming horde of elephants stampeded through the lab this past week.  That really ISN’T true, but if you could see the lab right now, you’d probably be inclined to believe me.  So anyway, I had one of those days when pressure and stress was building up so I had to just sweep all my projects aside in rebellion and work on something totally new and unrelated.  I came up with this hungry little cat.  There is no longer a pattern available out of respect for the owner of the license of this character.





I came up with this pattern a long time ago as a simple little stuffed animal for my great nephew.  When he was at the age where he was no longer putting any old thing into his mouth, this made a perfect sized plaything for him that he could grip in his hand and carry around with him.  He would walk around muttering “peanut” or “mister peanut” and it was the cutest thing ever.  Anyway, I digress.  The fact is that this is a super-easy project and a great one for a beginner to amigurumis.  It’s good practice for increasing and decreasing and it’s one of the few items that I actually prefer the “wrong” side of because it has more texture and resembles a peanut shell just a bit more than the “right” side would.  Go ahead and make a bunch of these using a smaller hook and yarn.  Fill a recycled pill bottle with them so you can send “nutty” pills to your friends.  Disclaimer:  I don’t know if the pills cure or cause nuttiness, but they usually bring smiles to the recipient.


Some older, well-loved and worn peanuts that my great niece helped “decorate.”

Before I write the pattern out, I wanted to share what Laura made on her blog.  Apparently she’s gone a little batty!  But I like that!  And you will too!  Check it out here.



This pattern is my property and is not to be copied or reposted. It should remain free and finished objects made from it may be sold. Credit must be given to me as the designer.

Copyright 2013 Author: Tina Le Page – Mad Crochet Lab, All rights reserved

Materials for this Cro-ation

Size F Hook (3.75 mm)

Small amount Polyester Fiberfill

Small amount of Worsted Weight Tan Yarn

Optional Felt, Fabric Paint, Embroidery Thread to Finish as Desired


Directions are for child-safe size (about 3-1/2″ tall) – use a smaller hook and yarn or thread, if smaller size is desired.


With F (3.75mm) hook and worsted weight tan colored yarn:

Rnd 1 – Make 5 SC in Magic Circle

Rnd 2 – Increase in each stitch around = 10

Rnd 3 – *SC in next stitch and increase in next (repeat from * around) = 15

Rnds 4-8 – SC in each stitch around = 10 15.

Rnd 9 – *SC in next stitch and decrease in next using a normal decrease, not an invisible one  (repeat from * around) = 10

Rnd 10 – SC in each stitch around (10)

Rnd 11 – *SC in next stitch and increase in next (repeat from * around) = 15

Rnds 12-16 – SC in each stitch around (15).  Decide which side you’d like for the outside and turn the work inside out if you need to now.

Rnd 17 – *SC in next stitch, decrease in next (repeat from * around) = 10, stuff

Rnd 18 – Decrease around = 5, finish off, leaving a long tail for gathering and sewing opening closed.  Embroider all details for child-safe version.  Otherwise, decorate as desired.



Side 1


Side 2


Finished peanut

Ant Option


Ant Option – photo courtesy of Denise Niemann

To make Ant:  Use appropriate color yarn (red or black)

Do NOT turn work inside out after Rnd 16.

After Rnd 17, repeat Rnds 11-17 again and continue with pattern.

For eyes  (make 2)

Rnd 1 – 6 SC in Magic Circle

Rnd 2 – SC around = 6.  Slip stitch in next stitch and finish off.  Stuff with a scrap of yarn and sew on to face.

For Mandibles (make 2) with yarn split into 2 plies and 2.25mm Hook

1 – 4 SC in Magic Circle

2 – SC around, INC in last =5

3 – SC around, INC in last = 6

4 – SC around, slip stitch in next and finish off, leaving a tail to sew.  Stuff with yarn scraps.  Attach to mouth area.

For Antennae and Legs

Insert pipe cleaners and turn ends so sharp edges do not injure anyone

Dancing Peanut Option


Dancing Peanut – photo courtesy of Denise Niemann

Use pipe cleaners for arms and legs, turn ends so sharp edges do not injure anyone

For Top Hat

With black and F Hook

1 – 6 SC in Magic Circle
2 – INC around = 12
3 – SC in back loop only around = 12
4-6 – SC in both loops around = 12
7 – *SC in next, INC in next (repeat from * around) = 18
8 – INC in each stitch around = 36. Slip stitch in next and finish off. Weave in end.

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