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Trump Troll Doll


Whether you love or hate the man, you just gotta love the doll!  At least you can say the doll has his hands in his OWN pockets!  LOL.  This prototype features suit jacket lapels, aerodynamic styling, plus the iconic combover.  He can be hung from your rearview mirror and you can finger-style his luscious hair.  Orrrrr, if you are from the other camp, give him a good shake or roll him between your hands to mess up his hair and have a laugh.  If I receive enough orders, I will make similar but unique (handmade is always unique) dolls to fill orders.  I’m hoping to replace his tie material with a solid color and tone down the orange in the hair just a tad.  I’m hoping for at least ten orders which I will ship at the beginning of June.

Pre-order here and see his hair in action below.

Each doll is $35USD and ships for $5 in the U.S.  If you want more than one, please contact me using the contact button.  

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