Yarndango Finished Project III – Hairy Red Gossamer Monster

I survived another week of Yarndango.  For some reason, I was craving monsters for this week.  Big, hairy monsters.  I don’t know why.  I guess I need to get out of the Mad Crochet Lab more often.  But anyway, this is what I had in mind:

Hairy Monster

Remember that guy?  He was only in a few episodes of the original Looney Tunes’ Bugs Bunny cartoons but most people remember him.  It’s his name they don’t remember.  He’s often just been called Big Red.  But his name is Gossamer!  And now that I’ve made him, hopefully I will never forget it again!  Here is my take on him:



I’m not the only one Yarndango-ing!  Melanie at Pumpkin’s Patch has been making a new project on her Knifty Knitters – so perfect for the fall!  Also, she just posted some of the lovely cards she has made.  They may not be part of Yarndango but they sure are crafty!  So I thought I’d share.

Also, Amiguruthi has been busy, earning her crochet calluses by whipping up this lovely hat (and other secret projects to be posted in the future)!  And if you missed it on her old blog, you should check out the adorable lemming she made for the Ravelry Olympics!  So cute and love his hair!

I wonder what next week will bring?  0.0

Big Red Hairy Gossamer Monster


This pattern is my property and is not to be copied or reposted.  Credit should be given to me as the designer.  It should remain free.  Objects made from this pattern may be sold.

Copyright 2012 Author: Tina Le Page – Mad Crochet Lab, All rights reserved

To respect the owners of this licensed character, pattern is no longer available.

The pattern was also used in an experiment at the Mad Crochet Lab facebook page.  We were successfully able to use the pattern with  a couple of tweaks to make a heart!  Instructions below.


Results of a Mad Crochet Lab experiment to make a heart using the Gossamer pattern


In order to make a heart from the Gossamer pattern, follow the pattern directions until Round 18.

After completing Round 18 of the pattern, continue as follows:
Rnd 19:  SC in each stitch around = 24
Rnd 20:  *SC in next 2, decrease over next 2 stitches (repeat from * around) = 18
Rnd 21:  SC in each stitch around = 18
Rnd 22:  *SC in next stitch, decrease over next 2 stitches (repeat from * around) = 12
Rnd 23: SC in each stitch around = 12  (if using fur, carefully turn body inside out now, using a long handled wooden spoon to help if necessary)
Rnd 24: Decrease around = 6
Rnd 25: Decrease twice, slip stitch in next, finish off and hide ends inside body.
Return back to pattern and follow the first bullet point in the pattern under “Finishing” to stuff and finish him off.



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