Eggs Over Easy

Here’s another example of an existing pattern turned into another pattern with some slight MADifications.  While looking at the melted snowman pattern, Wendy Austin-Rawlings read my mind that it could easily be turned into an egg pattern.  So I enlisted her help in testing it out. Wendy was kind enough to do a version in both thread and in yarn so we could see it in two sizes.  I removed a round from the melting snowman head and changed the color of yarn for that portion to yellow.  Then, she took notes of exactly what she did in the round where I indicated to freeform.  So now you can get the same results as she did!  She also added a few stitches to keep it from curling.  All the instructions are included in the pattern below.

Eggs Over Easy


Photo copyrighted to Wendy Austin-Rawlings

This pattern is my property and is not to be copied or reposted.  It should remain free and finished objects made from it may be sold, but credit must be given to me as the designer.  U.S. crochet terms used, throughout.

Copyright 2014 Author: Tina Le Page – Mad Crochet Lab, All rights reserved

Skills Needed to Complete This Experiment

Adjustable Ring, SS, SC, HDC, DC, Tr, INC, DEC, Ability to Work in the Round


  • Small amount of white worsted weight yarn
  • Small amount of yellow worsted weight yarn
  • Small amount of polyester fiberfill
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stitch marker, use to mark last stitch in each round when making rounds
  • Crochet hook, size F, 3.75mm


Egg White

With F Hook and White Worsted Weight Yarn,

1 – 6 SC in adjustable ring
2 – INC in each SC around = 12 SC
3 – *SC in next SC, INC in next, repeat from * around = 18 SC
4 – *SC in next 2 SC, INC in next, repeat from * around = 24
5 – SC 4, HDC, DC in next 2, HDC, SC in next 3, DC in next 7, HDC, SC, SS 4 times.
6 – For this round, make 2 stitches in each stitch as follows except as noted:

  1. SC x 2
  2. HDC x 2
  3. Tr x 2
  4. Tr x 2
  5. Tr x 2
  6. DC x 2
  7. DC x 2
  8. HDC and SC
  9. SC and SS
  10. SC x 2
  11. HDC x 2
  12. DC x 2
  13. Tr x 3
  14. Tr and DC
  15. DC x 2
  16. Tr x 2
  17. Tr x 2
  18. Tr x 2
  19. DC x 2
  20. DC x 2
  21. SC x 2
  22. SS once in each of last 3 stitches = 46

7 – This round is all SC and Slip Stitches (SS) and the last few stitches are left unworked.  Make as follows:

SC 4, INC, SC 2, INC, INC, SC 8, DEC, SC 6, INC, INC, SS 2, SC 3, INC, SC 2, make 3 SC in next, SC 5, SS.


With F Hook and Yellow Worsted Weight Yarn,

1 – 6 SC in adjustable ring
2 – INC in each SC around = 12 SC
3 – *SC in next SC, INC in next, repeat from * around = 18 SC
4 – SC around = 18 SC.  Finish off, leaving a long tail for sewing.  Stuff yolk and sew it over Rounds 1-4 of the egg white.


Finished egg made of yarn. Photo copyright to Wendy Austin-Rawlings.


Bottom of egg after yolk sewn on. Photo copyright to Wendy Austin-Rawlings.


This is the test egg Wendy made using thread and a smaller hook – it’s the perfect size for a keychain! Photo copyright Wendy Austin-Rawlings.



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