Can We Improve Our Memories?

I’ve always had a bad memory.  When meeting groups of new people, I have to make a concentrated effort to use and repeat their names over and over in my head to get them to “stick.”  It takes me several times of traveling the same route to know how to get somewhere.  I’m sure some of my health issues and treatments over the years have greatly added to my level of brain fog, but I wonder if that can be improved?  After all, certain animals are said to have great memories.  And aren’t humans just a step above most other animals? Surely, there MUST be something we can do to aid our imperfect memories and memory lapses.  Now, if I can just remember where I put my keys, I can get my notebook out of the desk drawer and get to work on creating an experiment to help us remember things.


For more information on how experiments are run at the lab, visit this page.

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Is Mental Health an Illusion?

There are so many terms to describe behavior that is considered deviant from the “norm.”  We often hear things like “loony,” “nutty,” “mad,” “cuckoo,” and “batty,” to describe people who behave differently.  While I don’t condone the use of most of those terms in a derogatory manner, it stands to reason that some research needs to be done in this area.  Is there really a “norm?”  Are there differing levels of aberrant behavior that should each have their own classification?  Can such behavior be modified?  I shall embark on a journey to attempt to answer these questions by gathering a few test subjects, er research assistants, and run an experiment to learn more.  Results should be published here in a few days’ time.  See my facebook page to volunteer.

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