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Sometimes I make things that are small or very detailed and need to take breaks from them to keep from losing what’s left of my sanity.  For one break about a year ago, I got audience participation from my Facebook page and decided we all could have some letters after our names and have honorary degrees.  Everyone seemed please with the degrees I invented for them and it was a lot of fun.  So most recently, I thought it would be fun to assign Steampunk names for anyone who commented on my Facebook page.

This is what i posted:

Sometimes I need little breaks – that’s just how I work,
You can join in the fun and have yourself a smirk.
I have a head full of steampunk names – 
I’d love to give you one
Comment here and I’ll post on my blog 
when the naming’s done.

Rather than have them get lost in the timeline of my Facebook page, I’m posting the resulting steampunk names below.  If you like your new name, feel free to share this post or the facebook post and start using your new title!  🙂


Dyan Williams Holland – Viscountess Windy Millgear

Amanda Elizabeth Critchley – Dame Rusty Springbottom

Trace Reynolds – Lady Watts Amatterhorn

Jane Zajec – Baroness Letta Featherscript

Lori Cole – Lady Tilly Scope

Linda Kaffer – Lady Perra Scope

Desiree’ Truesdale Kaffer – Duchess Ruby Heartsilk

Rebekah Clayton – Baroness Lacey Cogstooth

Cindy Vanisi – Dame Sandy Hourglass

Elizabeth Vander Woude Brown – Lady Wanda Hickorywatch

Kathleen Anne James – Duchess Woolamina Fiberfluff

Angela McKean  – Doctor Calliope Featherduster

Denise Farka – Baroness Lacey Gardenchime

Charle Mead – Lady Brighton Bushytail

Cheyenne Shupe – Viscountess Armanne Hammersmith

Melanie David – Lady Cardstock Prettywhiskers

Jackie Meyers – Duchess Calla Lilyweather

Nettie Santos – Doctor Thistle St. Scrollbottom

Ellen Hartmeijer – Lady Victrola Spyglass

Susie T Homemaker – Lady Zane Steelsprocket

Fiona Scally – Countess Flora Buncrumpet

Araceliz Alvira – Dame Sateen Steamhooker

Rhae Anne Blumer – Countess Soleil Springbloom





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