Spirit Finger Puppet


This pattern came about as a result of my latest experiment, the Miracle Experiment, in which my fellow colleagues and I researched whether water could be turned into spirits, much like the miracle of the Messiah when he turned water to wine at a wedding feast.  To do this, we modified my free Phoney Drip pattern (the water) and turned it into a ghost finger puppet (the spirits).  You can read more about the experiment here and see our hilarious results from it here and here.

This pattern is my property and is not to be copied or reposted. It should remain free and finished objects made from it may be sold. Credit should be given to me as the designer.  Links to the original pattern location are appreciated.

Copyright 2014 Author: Mad Crochet Lab, All rights reserved

This pattern uses U.S. crochet terms and is worked in the round.  Place a stitch marker at the end of each round and move it with the completion of each round to hold your place.

Skills Needed to Make this Experiment:

Working in Round, Chain (CH), Single Crochet (SC), Half Double Crochet (HDC), Increase (INC), Invisible Decrease (INV DEC)


F Size Hook (3.75mm), Black Felt, Embroidery Thread and Needle, or Black Fabric Paint for Facial Features, White Worsted Weight Yarn, Polyester Fiberfill, Stitch Marker, Tapestry Needle


Head and Body

Starting at top,

1. CH 2, 3 SC in 2nd CH from hook = 3

2. INC, SC in each of last 2 SC = 4 (if work starts to turn inside out on you, be sure to turn it back)

3. INC, SC in each of last 3 SC = 5

4. INC, SC in each of last 4 SC = 6

5. *SC in next, INC in next, repeat from * around = 9

6. SC in next 3, INC in next 3, SC in last 3 = 12

7. SC in next 4, INC in next 4, SC in last 4 = 16

8-10. SC in each stitch around = 16

11. INV DEC around = 8, lightly stuff a little stuffing up into the tip of the head

12.  INC, SC in each of last 7 = 9 At this point, we will make a tube to fit snugly on an adult finger and it will be comfortable but not too tight for a child.  The actual head part of the ghost should be stuffed with stuffing and finger should not go all the way up inside head, just inside tube.  If 9 stitches is not enough, add another one or two anywhere in this round.

13- 16. Work even SC around = 9 If you want to lengthen the body of the finger puppet add more rounds here, but keep in mind that childrens’ fingers are generally short.

17. INC, SC 6, INC in each of last 2 = 12

18. SC 8, INC, 3 HDC in next and INC in each of last 2 = 17, finish off.

Arms (Make 2) Starting at Hand

1. Make 4 SC in an adjustable ring.

2-5. SC in each stitch around = 4.  Finish off, leaving a tail for sewing.  Stuff arms if desired but not necessary.  Attach to body by pinning in place and sewing, taking both loops of stitch on open end of arm and sewing to a single loop on body, all the way around. Knot and hide tail.

Finishing Options and Ideas

Use black felt to make eyes and mouth and sew in place, use black and glow in the dark fabric paint for eyes.  Use buttons, embroidery or anything you like to finish your little spirit as spookily or cutely as you like.  🙂  By simply changing the color of this pattern in whole, or in different areas, you can create lots of variations!


Little pirate, courtesy Rebeckah Clayton


Little Pumpkin, courtesy Mandj Henson.


Or have fun with accessories! Courtesy Kathryn Sawyer.


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