Purple Rain

Make a purple raindrop in memory of Prince.

Make a purple raindrop in memory of Prince.

When a beloved musical artist passes away, it instantly reminds you of all the good memories you had enjoying their talents. I was saddened to hear of Prince’s passing so in his memory, I crocheted some of my free drip patterns in purple. Now you can make Purple Rain too. Just visit my free pattern for the Phoney Drip.

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4 thoughts on “Purple Rain

    • I really hadn’t heard nor seen much from him in recent years, but some of his music belongs to my younger days so it’s mostly nostalgia. And yes, I agree he was still so young.

    • Thank you! I couldn’t help having the song “Purple Rain” running through my head every time I see this raindrop now so it made perfect sense to make one in purple in his honor. xoxo

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