Poop From A Peanut Experiment

This experiment involved using my free easy amigurumi peanut pattern and turning it into a poop.  Please, don’t bother asking why a poop.  Really, that doesn’t matter.  What matters is the hilarity that ensued in the lab during this experiment.

There were a lot of results from this experiment and I collaged the original photos together in order to save space on Facebook, but will try in the future to get better photos of completed individual experiments now that I’m posting them on my website.


From top left, Ellen’s gargantuan poop, a mystery minion poop, Dorthe’s rainbow poop, Denise’s Holy Poop, Sian’s Christmas Poop, Maryetta’s multicolor poop, Helen’s peanut and poop, Trace’s pooh bear, and Chris’ stool with flies!



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