Memory Experiment Status Days 1 and 2


Day 1 (afternoon):  We’ve already had to bring the eye bleach out and even still, the lab smells a bit like dung. I was also able to use my quick wit to cover a child labor issue by insisting that said child was an official Test Lab Consultant and not a regular laborer. So far, I think I have the inspector fooled. Hopefully tomorrow won’t be as exciting.

Day 2 (afternoon): This current group of test subjects is extremely messy. I’ve had to keep mopping up puddles of water (at least I THINK it’s water) and I have no idea where it’s coming from. I’ve also found a few peanut shells on the floor – I need to talk to them about their snacking habits and maybe remind them where the dustpan and broom is. A couple of them have already competed their projects. But even more of them have forgotten to even start. Not really looking good yet, considering the purpose of this experiment. Ho hum. Back to work. Tomorrow’s another day.

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