Lady Cassandra

I started watching Doctor Who episodes when I was commissioned to make some dolls from the show.  It was research, don’t you know?  😉  But one episode really creeped me out.  It was the one in which Lady Cassandra, the last human, is introduced.  Even though she claims to be the last human, she has basically deteriorated into just a remaining piece of skin with a face and a brain in a jar, even though she seems to think she has improved over time.  She continually needs to be moisturized so she doesn’t dry out.  Anyway, she bothered me so I had to get her out of my head and out onto my hook.  This is the result.  It’s super easy and in video form.  Skills needed to complete her are CH, SC, SC from the Back, HDC, DC.  I’ve also made a video to show how the SC from the back is done and you can link to it from inside the video if you need to refer to it.  As with all my patterns, it is copyrighted to me, Mad Crochet Lab, all rights reserved, 2014, and should not be downloaded or embedded elsewhere.  The only benefit I receive for free patterns is the traffic at my sites.  If you want to share with someone, please just give them the link. Thank you!

Free Lady Cassandra Video Pattern

Free Lady Cassandra Video Pattern

View the video right here:

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9 thoughts on “Lady Cassandra

  1. Hey Tina the mad crocheter scientist – my system is really old and does not get YOUTUBE – do you have Lady Cassandra in either Word 2003 format or a PDF?? thank you for ALL your WONDERFUL Mad Scientist Creations – lady ace

    • Hi Lady Ace, right now I don’t have her written up formally – only in my handwritten notes, which are hard enough for even ME to read. I’m trying to get a little away from all the work involved in pattern writing. But I have an idea. Are you willing to try working from an audio file? You already know what she looks like and what stitches you need to be skilled in to make her. Let me know.

      • That would be GREAT!! – i know the stitches except the SC from the Back – i am not sure how to do that stitch so i may need a bit more audio instruction on it – i think an audio file is something my pc can do – thank you very much for this option – cannot wait to make her!!! – i have been a DR Who freak since the beginning!!!! Dating myself <|8o) my little clown – i will send you a pic when i have her completed –

  2. I love this! Lady Cassandra is rather terrifying. But she is fantastic too. Thank you for your version.

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