Internet Trolls – Do Not Feed!

Once upon a time, there was an absent-minded, yet otherwise fabulous Mad Crochet Scientist. One day, someone was not very nice to her online. Knowing that a new computer and stitches at the local clinic were not going to be covered by the lab budget, she resisted reaching through the screen to strangle the person. Instead, she cro-ated this little internet troll. It has a big bulbous nose like most trolls who feel they must put it in other people’s business, large ears that tend to live to hear the sound of a facebook notification, and beady little eyes (just because). The Mad CroScientist also made it a round-ish shape so that it can easily be kicked across the room when necessary. She feels much better now. The end. 🙂

We’ve all seen them and maybe even accidentally fed them.  They can look so cute at first, but their purpose is merely to get you all riled up for their own sick pleasure.  You can’t reach through the screen and grab them by the neck (unfortunately).  So I made one that I can kick across the room if I so desire and get a little relief that way.  Also, it’s a good reminder not to give them any fuel.

His pdf pattern is available through paypal for $6 USD.  



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