I May Have Gone a Little Overboard with Phones

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I did post a little bit about one of my retro handsets for cell phones before, but it appears my collection has grown.  Since they were so affordable, I wanted to try out a few to see which I liked best.  My collection now includes the original Echo Logic one on the left, the mini Bubble Pop phone in the middle and the really cool looking Sodial brand antique style one on the right.  I will say that as far as how they work – they all work great but do have some minor differences that I’ll point out below.  Each one is just simply plugged into your phone’s 3.5mm headphone jack or into your computer for internet calls.    This keeps your radiation exposure lower since you aren’t holding the actual cell phone to your head, as well as allows you to use your smart phone at the same time to do other tasks.  All three worked great on both my android phone and Igor’s iPhone.  And the receivers can stay plugged in to the phone because if you get a call, you will still hear the ring.



Starting with the Sodial antique style handset, I have to say it is very comfortable in the hand and it’s shape allows for excellent sound and hearing for the person on the other end of your call since the mouthpiece is curved and aimed right at your mouth.  However, because of its shape, this one does not allow you to cradle it between your shoulder and ear.  Mine is working wonderfully but I do notice the coiled cord is not as thick as the Echo Logic one so wonder if it will last as long.

The mini Bubble Pop handset also worked great and fits in my purse!  Because it is smaller than a full-sized handset, the earpiece does not cover your entire ear and is a bit less comfortable – I had to find the right angle to hold it at to keep it comfortable while using it.  Also, there is a volume control button but I have just kept it at the highest setting and never adjusted it.  There is also a button for picking up and ending a call. And again, since this is a smaller phone, the coiled wire is also much thinner than the Echo Logic one so although it is working great, I’m being very careful with it when putting it in or taking it out of my purse.

The Echo Logic handset is my favorite.  The feel is just like the phones of yesteryear, it is easy to cradle between shoulder and ear, and it has a button for picking up or ending a call.  The cord on this phone is pretty heavy duty and much more like the phones of yesteryear as well.  In fact some of the reviewers purchased this handset for elderly relatives who were having a hard time holding cell phones to their ears and hearing well.  I love all my fun new handsets but this is the one for me when I’m home on a long convo with a friend or relative!

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