Hedgehog From A Lab Rat Experiment

This experiment used my free Nutters the Nervous Lab Rat pattern as a base.  It was modified to create a sweet little hedgehog.  The modifications to make a hedgehog are included at the bottom of the original pattern page.

Here are the results.


From left:  Alisa’s hedgehog, Trace’s naked mole rattappossum, Chris’ hedgehog.

Successful Nervous Lab Rat to Hegehog Mad Crochet Experiment Results from Left to Right:
50 points to House Hufflesnuffleupagas to Alisa Carlson for first success on the project
35 points to House Sniffandscratchendoor to Tracy Reynolds for failure of a hedgehog but plus 10 points for creativity and the new creation of a naked mole rattapossum.
45 points to House Slipandslideagain to Chris Quirky for successful hedgehog attainment.


From left:  Lori’s hedgehog with mohawk, Crystol’s hedgehog (upper), Mary’s hedgehog.


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