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Maddy and I actually like Facebook’s new reaction emoticons. To be honest, I was rather relieved to find they did not include a thumbs-down “dislike” button in the selections they’ve given us. I’ve seen those get abused on other sites and I personally don’t see the point of making it easier for people to be negative or mean. There always remains the option to scroll past something you don’t like seeing in your feed, without interacting with it as well.

I’ve heard some concerns from people thinking these reactions will make people lazier and less likely to comment but I think the Like button has already done that job! I think people who still want to comment will continue to do so but those who say they only have time to press a button while scrolling their feeds will now have more options to choose from and can express sympathy for an illness with an unhappy face, rather than “liking” a sad post just to acknowledge it, or can express anger over a wrong done to a friend without looking like they were glad to see it happen by “liking” it.

It seems they’ve put a lot of thought into it, which I’m happy to see. Are you using them? What do you think about them?

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