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Sometimes you just have to do experiments when you work in a lab.  That is no different when your lab is of the Mad Crochet variety.  And that means I occasionally needed test subjects, er, I mean volunteers to help me perform these experiments.  Basically the experiments were trials made with my existing or new free patterns that are already available.  Although I can no longer run experiments, I thought I’d keep the explanation of how they worked here.

The way the experiments worked is I would advertise for test subjects when I had an idea.  I would inform test of the generic idea and materials needed.  The idea consisted of transforming one of my patterns or parts of the pattern into something new.  I would provide a pdf file or link to the existing pattern and email the instructions for the changes to the willing test subjects.  Test subjects would then have a set time to complete their experiment and provide me with a photo of their completed projects.

Then the fun would begin!  When the time limit was up, I would share completed experiment photos on my timeline and “grade” them by awarding points to each test subject’s imaginary house or school (think Harry Potter and Hogwarts).  Note:  Points were given out whether an experiment is successful or not – I was extremely generous.  Additional Notes:  Grading means nothing and points awarded to houses or schools have no legal monetary value. It was all in fun and just allowed me to talk about the projects and tease, if necessary.

Note:  Most of the time, I found it necessary. Do not take seriously.  A sense of humor was required to be a test subject.  🙂

FINE PRINT:  When participating in an experiment, test subjects agreed to not share any photos of their projects until the experiment was over.  They also agreed to allow me the use of their photos on my blog and Facebook page (credit was given to each artist for their work).

Get Notified Of Upcoming Experiments by Email – Sign Up Here

This was a separate sign up email list for notification of upcoming experiments.  Due to the decline in my health, I no longer have the time or ability to run experiments, so I am removing the sign-up form from this page.  Anyone who previously signed up can rest assured that their email addresses are still safe and never to be given away or sold.  Previously completed experiments may be seen on the following links below.

Completed Experiments

Group Therapy Experiment (completed September 22, 2015)

Operation Occupy Platform Experiment (completed September 3, 2015)

Memory Experiment (completed November 26, 2014)

Mental Health Experiment (completed October 27, 2014)

Miracle Experiment Part I and Miracle Experiment Part II (completed October 14, 2014)

Fun Gene Experiment (Completed September 30, 2014)

Poop From A Peanut (Completed October 2013)

Minions From Medicine (Completed June 2013)

Snail From Your Fingertips (Completed June 2013)

Dancing Peanuts or Ants (Completed May 2013)

Love From A Monster (Completed April 2013)

Hedgehog From A  Lab Rat (Completed April 2013)

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25 thoughts on “Experiments at the Mad Crochet Lab

  1. I had a lot of fun with the crocodile stitch fish scarf I tested for you. I’m definitely open to testing for you again. 🙂

    • Jennifer, fabulous! Glad to have you aboard! Please message me your facbook profile and I’ll send you a friend request. I think the experiment will start on Tuesday but I need to set up a group and prepare the pattern file. Thanks!

    • I assume this means you want to be involved, Amanda? I’m trying to send you a friend request on Facebook to add you to the group. Please check your “other” inbox to see if you’ve received it. 🙂

    • Sorry Anne, you just missed it this time. But you will be at the top of the list for the next one. I ran out of slots for returning test subjects and filled all the new ones too, in record time! 😮

  2. Experiments are great, half of what I make is one in some way or another. Hope you have room for one more. Donna/Walker’s Whimsies

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  4. I sent a message, however, if you require it submitted here, consider this my “official request to become a “Mad Cro-Scientist”. Thanks!

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    • I will add you to the group I created on Facebook for the test subjects – then when I announce an experiment that you have time for and interest in, you can let me know and I’ll fit you in! 🙂

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