Easiest Amigurumi Ever – The Pill Free Pattern

This is so simple it really doesn’t need a pattern, but I will write it down for those of you who like to keep track of instructions or check rounds as you go.  It’s a great beginning crochet project since it is so simple, so small, and makes use of those empty pill bottles that would otherwise clutter up your recycling bin.  A better way to recycle them is to give them to your friends!  These can be turned into so many special pills that you can probably make one up for every person you know.  Happy pills, crazy pills, sleeping pills, chill pills, fat pills, love pills, well, you get the idea.  So here goes:

Crazy Pill – Maybe make him a little straight jacket?

Other Pill Variations


Small amounts of worsted weight yarn, any colors – bust your stash!

Small amount of polyester fiberfill

Small amounts of embroidery thread for facial features or fabric paint will also work

Optional embellishments of your choice

Crochet hook size F, 3.75 mm


Directions for regular sized pill

Round 1 – 5 SC in magic circle

Round 2 – Increase by making 2 SC in each SC around = 10 SC

Rounds 3-6 – SC around, changing colors in last stitch if desired = 10 SC

Rounds 7-10 – SC around = 10 SC, stuff

Round 11 – Decrease by SC two SC together all around = 5 SC, add a bit more stuffing if necessary

Round 12 – SC decrease once more and finish off, embellish to make any type of pill you like, pop them into their own little medicine container (cleaned of course), and gift to your friends!


Directions for plus-sized pill

Same as for regular pill but start with 8 SC in MC, and on Round 2 you will increase to 16 SC, so substitute 16 SC wherever is says 10 SC in the above directions and substitute 8 SC wherever it says 5 SC.  On Round 12, SC decrease a couple of times instead of just once, to close up the hole.

Mini Minion from Medicine


My prototype

This pattern and its option are my property and are not to be copied or reposted. They should remain free and finished objects made from it may be sold. Credit must be given to me as the designer. A link to this page or blog will suffice.

Copyright 2013 Author: Tina Le Page – Mad Crochet Lab, All rights reserved

To make a mini minion, you will follow the pill pattern, starting with blue yarn. The only change here is to change to yellow yarn after round 5 instead of round 6. This is the same for the regular sized one or the plus-sized one. If you would like a taller minion, simple add a round or two extra of the yellow. Once that is complete, here is how to finish your minion off:

To make bib on overalls – attach blue yarn in a stitch on the blue round about a stitch or two before the color change (this will hide your color change so you don’t have to worry that it will show). SC 4 or 5 (whichever you prefer based on the size of your minion), attaching those SC to stitches on the minions body, then CH 1 and turn and make one more row across. Finish off. Make straps by attaching blue yarn to each corner of the bib and making a CH 6 and then attaching to the back of your minion where the yellow and blue meet.

Finish your minions however you like! Suggestions – since they are so small, maybe a french knot in black for the feet. For arms – an I-cord or Ch 6 (one is to turn), then SS in each back bump across. Use black yarn for hair. Use wiggle eyes with a chain or gray around it, or felt, fabric paint or embroidery to finish! Have fun and make an army of them to yarnbomb with!

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12 thoughts on “Easiest Amigurumi Ever – The Pill Free Pattern

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  2. Cute little crazy pill!

    Thanks, Melanie. I just can’t figure out if this crazy pill is supposed to cure the crazies or make you crazy! LOL. 😉

  3. I like the crazy pill – looks like Carrot Top…

    I love how these are customisable. As a long term insomniac, I’m seriously considering a sleeping pill so that I have something to make me laugh on bad nights! 🙂

    I actually love the sleeping pills the best! I’ve made some a long time ago with sweet little closed eyes and they are adorable. You can even put a nightcap on them if you are ambitious! LOL. Sorry you are an insomniac but you have the right attitude – laughter is the best medicine, right? 🙂

  4. Cute, cute cute, lol mad little crazy pills! I just had fun reading up on your latest posts and also the alien posts and where they ended up! I was tickled to see the little smiling peanut, a long lost brother to my peanut who now sits on my fridge enjoying life and all it has to offer 🙂

    Ok, that’s it… I’m off to start my day. I’ll say hi to the peanut for you!

    Yay! Hi Sharon! 🙂 So glad to have you popping in when you can – I’m always glad to see you! I love that the new owners of the aliens jumped right onto the silly bandwagon with me and updated me on their arrivals. I had so much fun reading about them. Yes, I’ve been including a goofy-faced packing peanut with each prize I send out. It is my secret attempt to get rid of all those peanuts I have, one at a time. I wonder if by the end of the Yarndango year I will have made a dent in my collection? LOL. Have a wonderful, happy, healthy and fun day! <3

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  7. I LOVE this idea!! So creative!!

    Thank you! It really came in handy for a cute pick-me-up gift to just send for no reason other than a smile (and used up some of my recycling too, LOL).

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