Art Wars 1

It’s finally here!

We met online and found we have a lot in common, not least of which is that we are both breast cancer survivors.  We tease each other with our art, and the artist behind the A Dog A Day cartoons soon became my sparring partner and art arch-nemesis.  This turned into an art war where I would crochet her characters (with her permission, of course) and recreate her art, and then post the side-by-side images. We have now put them all into a fabulous digital collection!

This first collection has over 46 images including the ones shown below.  If you like them and want to support two starving artist breast cancer survivors without the middleman, we would like to offer this conglomeration to you.  Paypal gets their cut and Claudia and I will split equal amounts of any profit.  The file is in pdf format and can be viewed on a computer or mobile device.  File size is 62.7MB.  We have made three purchase options available – a basic price, and if you really enjoyed our work and can be a bit more generous, we’ve added a few extra buttons.  Whatever amount you choose to pay, you are gifted with a glorious digital file, filled with our crap, er our art.  🙂



Legalese:  All illustrations here are the property of and copyrighted to Claudia Everest and are used with permission.  All crocheted photos are mine and copyrighted to me.

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