Under Construction


I mentioned in a previous post that there would be changes coming to this website and how I do things.  I’m slowly making progress towards those goals but am still in transition, so I thank you for your patience.  At the moment, the store for my finished items has been closed as well as my Craftsy store for pay patterns and they will be unavailable until I can get a new system into place.  I’m hoping to get that straightened out by the end of the month.  As always, my free patterns are still available right where they’ve always been (here on this site).  But I’ve eliminated some things that were just filling up my time and pared down on several others.  The whole EU VAT issue was another thing to take under consideration.  It affects all businesses that sell digital goods and I highly recommend going here to learn more about it since the plan is that it will also affect the sale of physical goods in the not too distant future as well as digital items.

My new newsletter has been launched (you can sign up for it in the right sidebar or use the menu icon on your phone to find it) and it’s gotten some very positive feedback.  I have to say I’m happy with the look and delivery that MailChimp offers and I’ve been having a great time on a new social network that I wrote about here.  Although I’ve written about it from a micro business standpoint, I think all the points are good for anyone using a social network whether for personal or for business reasons.  So far, so good, 2015.  I hope it is being good to you all as well.


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