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Yarndango Project 32 – Simple Doll Lab Free Video Pattern

I finished filming and uploading my first video pattern for this doll.  It took many, many hours of work between making the doll itself, filming and editing, and uploading videos, plus I’m no videographer.   As a matter of fact, everyone should be grateful that the video is not in 3-D because there were several times I got too close to the camera with my work and I think I even poked the lens at one point!  But the result is pretty cute, in my opinion.  I thank my friend for putting me up to the task, or I might never have tried it.  There may be more video patterns in the future…once I get a better internet connection.  The upload speeds were killing me.  Fortunately, I survived and am able to show you this:




So, to make this doll via video, you can go here:  Simple Doll Lab Free Video Pattern on youtube.  There are also four separate parts to the video that are posted on my channel individually and are broken down below.  The link I gave above is for the entire series of videos linked together.  It consists of:

Part 1 – construction of the head


Part 2 – construction of the body


Part 3 – construction of limbs and attaching


Part 4 – hair


This doll is my own design so we don’t have to worry about licenses so it is free for you to make and sell items from but please do give me credit, link to this site, share on facebook, etc.  You know the drift.

UPDATE:  For convenience, I’ve also written this pattern up as a pdf file.  It is available for $1 USD and is emailed manually to you, usually within 24 hours.  Please remember that crochet designs require a lot of work.  I do offer many patterns for free but this small fee helps keep me supplied in yarn, helps keep this website up, and makes it worth my while to write up the designs for you!


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Yarndango Finished Project VX – Candy Dispenser

Well, I’ve been fighting and fighting with my latest Yarndango project.  It’s so close to being a success but still not there yet.  But that is no reason for me not to post what the other Yarndangoers have been up to!  Let’s check in with them while I continue my struggle with this week’s project.  I promise to update you on it as soon as I’ve got it er, working.

Amiguruthi is BACK!!!  Yay!  I mean that she is live again on her blog and not posting things she wrote ahead of time (I still can’t get over all the work she did in doing that – the girl never ceases to amaze me).  And speaking of amazing – she has an awesome pattern this week that is so creepy-dorable that you’ll want to make one for everyone you know.  And of course she gives you her free pattern!

Pumpkin has been cranking out creations like crazy!  She’s got some more kitties!  A whole bunch of them!  I love the beads she uses for their eyes – they have a pretty pearl-y sheen to them, and the whiskers are perfect!  They remind me of my cat Jam, whom we sometimes refer to as “she of the unruly whiskers,” because sometimes it seems her whiskers are too long for her little face!  Well, that’s probably more than you wanted to know about my cat.  But Pumpkin has also got some new things coming off her looms too!

Anyone else have any fails they can share with me so I don’t feel so terrible?  Some missed deadlines?  Some horrible crochet project that turned on you?  Anything?  😉

UPDATE:  Here is my Yarndango Finished Project – IT WORKS!  Pattern at Craftsy and proceeds will help cover Chip’s medical costs.

Check it out the video of it here:  MCL Candy Dispenser


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