Fun Yarn Bowls

While I tend to use a giant decorative teapot for a yarnbowl, I do hope to someday have another one because you just can’t have too many.


So, as I browsed Etsy to drool over some of the offerings, I noticed a lot of really fun yarn bowls and bells (a piece that is placed over the yarn ball which weights it in place and keeps in from rolling away from you as you work) which I’ve put together for you here.  I will also share some more traditional ones that I think are great designs on my facebook page later this week.


1. Monster

2. Skull Bell

3. Teddy

4. Mustache

5. Troll

6. Tibby

7. Cat

8. Fish lips

9. Boston Terrier

10. Paint Spatter



All photos are copyrighted to the owners of the links they lead to.


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