My Elephants Hold Up the World – the Discworld!


Image belongs to Amiguruthi, used with permission.

How cool is this? A fellow amazing crocheter, Amiguruthi, created this fabulous Discworld pattern and used my little elephant pattern as part of it. I would say that is some great stitching on the Great A’Tuin!  All the parts to her pattern are free on her blog at this link and my pattern for the elephant is a multi-pattern that contains the elephant, a woolly mammoth option, and a baby gnome option in it for $2 USD. Lots more pics of this amazing piece at Amiguruthi’s link!


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Yarndango Project 50 – Sarah Slouch Hat

This project was a custom order in which I was able to experience the most luxurious alpaca yarn and use a gorgeous pattern made by my friend H. Stutzman!  It worked up quickly and easily and and was well received by the customer – she sent me a pic of herself wearing it and it looked stunning!  Here are my results.  You can get a copy of the pattern yourself from Ravelry here.  I highly recommend this pattern.  I’m keeping my eyes open for the right yarn so I can make one for myself!!!


2013-11-07 20.11.54 Sarahslouchleft

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Yarndango Project 43 – Fiddlehead Fern

We are doing a Terrarium Crochet-A-Long on the Treblemaking Hookers facebook page that I’m an admin for.  So we are filling our terrariums with greens that even the most potent brown thumb can’t kill!  For part of my greenery, I saw this fiddlehead fern posted on a blog and thought it was very neat and would add a lot of interest to my terrarium.  I didn’t see a pattern for this but it didn’t look too difficult so I took a stab at it and this is what I came up with for my own terrarium, using only items I already had in my stash.  It’s so simple and adds a lot of interest.

Fiddlehead Fern Pattern

This pattern is my property and is not to be copied or reposted. It should remain free and finished objects made from it may be sold. Credit must be given to me as the designer.

Copyright 2013 Author: Tina Le Page – Mad Crochet Lab, All rights reserved



Using an F hook (3.75mm) and a light and a dark shade of worsted weight green yarn, I simply started with the darker yarn and chained a length that I thought would be long enough to curl around a bit and still have enough left for a stem – about 24 for the smaller fern, and 50 for the larger one.  Then I just worked flat in equal amounts of SC for the next two rows, using a CH1 to turn, and did a third row by changing to the lighter green.  Then I just finished off with a long tail for sewing and wrapped the sucker around a pipe cleaner, using the tail to sew the beginning row to the last row, going through both sets of loops on each stitch.  That is all there was too it.  Curl your stem around, plant it in a faux terrarium and you are set!  For the larger fern, I did find it necessary to stick a wooden skewer into it from the bottom of the stem so it would not fall over in my terrarium. This was not necessary for the smaller one.

Amiguruthi has a really adorable pattern out now too and it makes me want to make some bamboo for my terrarium!  How cute is this?


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Yarndango Project 35 – Recycling and a Hedgehog

Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 2013 in the United States.  While having to create a holiday to remind us to take care of our home planet saddens me a bit (shouldn’t we be doing this EVERY day?), there are obviously some good things that come of it.  New programs and technologies are discussed, awareness is raised, and a possibly new traditions are adopted that are better, less wasteful, and in harmony with our little blue marble.  One thing that many of us already do to reduce our negative impact is to recycle!  I’m all for that!  In fact, I’ve decided that I can recycle some of my free patterns!

So, in my mad crochet scientific way of trying to be practical and accomplish more than one thing at a time, I’ve decided to run some experiments at the lab.  These experiments consist of willing volunteers (test subjects) who cro-ate new items from my existing patterns by following some instructional tweaks I provide.  This allows me to test those patterns out before turning them into downloadable PDF files, results in some amazing cro-ations, AND allows me to continue to satisfy my Yarndango challenge!  The first experiment was a complete success.  Several lab rats were transformed into hedgehogs, using my free Nutters the Nervous Lab Rat pattern with a few tweaks thrown in.  Also, I was able to detect an error in the pattern and fix it at the same time.



The photo above shows a hedgehog I made using eyelash yarn.  To see the pattern and the other successful experiments from my volunteers, please visit the bottom of  this page.

In other news, Amiguruthi had been under the weather and super busy lately yet she STILL came through and provides a beautiful scarflette based on the cutie mark from a My Little Pony.  It’s lovely and sweet.  Check it out here.   Have a lovely mad day!


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