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Fun Yarn Bowls

While I tend to use a giant decorative teapot for a yarnbowl, I do hope to someday have another one because you just can’t have too many.


So, as I browsed Etsy to drool over some of the offerings, I noticed a lot of really fun yarn bowls and bells (a piece that is placed over the yarn ball which weights it in place and keeps in from rolling away from you as you work) which I’ve put together for you here.  I will also share some more traditional ones that I think are great designs on my facebook page later this week.


1. Monster

2. Skull Bell

3. Teddy

4. Mustache

5. Troll

6. Tibby

7. Cat

8. Fish lips

9. Boston Terrier

10. Paint Spatter



All photos are copyrighted to the owners of the links they lead to.


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Igor and I were up too late last night. I made him play Battleship, a game called Camp, and Scrabble with me. We were overtired and silly and it was probably the first time he has ever beaten me at Scrabble!

Annnnnnnnyway, on one of my turns, I wasn’t paying attention to what HE was doing because I was concentrating hard, trying to catch up to him in the score. When I looked up, this is what I saw.

After recovering from the giggles, I asked him what on earth he had done to my little mannequin.
He said, “Nothing. He sneezed.” And giggles ensued again.
Love my man.

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Maddy on Vacation

In February, we took Maddy on vacation with us to Disney World in Florida.  It was a great getaway from the enormous amounts of snow we got this year and the frigid temperatures.  All in all, I think Maddy had a great time, even though we had to make some special adjustments for her.


She was so excited about the trip that I had to whip her up some of her very own Mickey ears during the long drive down to Florida.  She didn’t want to take them off for anything!


She forgot to pack extra underwear so I had to do some laundry at the hotel (good thing I remembered to pack tiny clothespins).  And she found her buddy Aran Wool “stowed away” in her luggage.  Hmmm.


She thought the “snowmen” down there looked rather odd.


At the parks, she got to meet with a lot of the characters.  She really loved the princesses!

maddychinadress maddymexicohat

She did a little shopping in China and Mexico at Epcot!


She enjoyed strolling through the flower beds (we told her they were botanical gardens).  And she enjoyed a ride or two.


But Maddy was too small for a lot of the rides so we had to make her some fun.  For instance, the hot tub at the hotel was way too deep for her so we had to make do with letting her take a dip in Chief Wiggums’ coffee at Universal Studios.


And I also tried creating my own “ride” for her back at the hotel room.  I called it, “The Hurricane.”  She didn’t really like it.


Still, she had such a great time that she didn’t want to leave to go home (or remove her Mickey ears).



But after the long drive home and a little time to relax after so much fun, all was right with the world again.



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