Maddy on Vacation

In February, we took Maddy on vacation with us to Disney World in Florida.  It was a great getaway from the enormous amounts of snow we got this year and the frigid temperatures.  All in all, I think Maddy had a great time, even though we had to make some special adjustments for her.


She was so excited about the trip that I had to whip her up some of her very own Mickey ears during the long drive down to Florida.  She didn’t want to take them off for anything!


She forgot to pack extra underwear so I had to do some laundry at the hotel (good thing I remembered to pack tiny clothespins).  And she found her buddy Aran Wool “stowed away” in her luggage.  Hmmm.


She thought the “snowmen” down there looked rather odd.


At the parks, she got to meet with a lot of the characters.  She really loved the princesses!

maddychinadress maddymexicohat

She did a little shopping in China and Mexico at Epcot!


She enjoyed strolling through the flower beds (we told her they were botanical gardens).  And she enjoyed a ride or two.


But Maddy was too small for a lot of the rides so we had to make her some fun.  For instance, the hot tub at the hotel was way too deep for her so we had to make do with letting her take a dip in Chief Wiggums’ coffee at Universal Studios.


And I also tried creating my own “ride” for her back at the hotel room.  I called it, “The Hurricane.”  She didn’t really like it.


Still, she had such a great time that she didn’t want to leave to go home (or remove her Mickey ears).



But after the long drive home and a little time to relax after so much fun, all was right with the world again.



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Groundhog Finger Puppet

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day. So, as a Mad Crochet Scientist, I’ve done exhaustive research (a few minutes using Google image search online) and learned that groundhogs and beavers look a LOT alike. Obviously their tails are quite different but their faces are quite similar and in fact, I saw more images with the teeth of the groundhog showing than I did with beavers. So, my resulting pattern for a groundhog finger puppet could also be a beaver finger puppet. But in honor of Groundhog Day tomorrow, I shall name this the Groundhog Finger Puppet so that finally YOU can be in control of whether he sees his shadow or not.

Groundhog Finger Puppet


This pattern is my property and is not to be copied or reposted. It should remain free and finished objects made from it may be sold. Credit must be given to me as the designer. U.S. crochet terms used throughout.  This pattern has not been tested so please feel free to contact me if you have any issues.

Copyright 2015 Author: Tina Le Page – Mad Crochet Lab, All rights reserved

Materials Needed for This Experiment

Size F and Size G Crochet Hooks
Worsted Weight Yarns in brown, beige, dark brown
Eyelash Yarn in Green or Worsted in Green for Grass
Stitch Market
Tapestry Needle
Safety Eyes (9mm) or Black Fabric Paint to Make Eyes
White felt, embroidery floss or fabric paint for teeth
Small Amount Polyester Fiberfill or yarn scraps for stuffing


With F Hook and Beige,


The green arrows show more of a curve on this side of head when flattened so I know that is where the increases are and will place eyes centered one on either side of where the fold is when unflattened. use markers if necessary.

1. Make 6 SC in Adjustable Ring. Change to Brown.
2. *SC 2, INC (repeat from * around) = 8
3. SC around = 8
4. *SC 1, INC (repeat from * around) = 12
5. INC 3 times, SC in remainder = 15
6-7. SC around = 15, Insert safety eyes if using. They should be inserted about 3 stitches apart in row 5 or 6 where increases happen. If you aren’t sure – you can fold the head flat in a few different areas until you can see where the increases happen on the head by noticing the shape.

8. *SC 3, INV DEC (repeat from * around) = 12. Stuff head.
9. INV DEC around = 6. Finish off, hide tail inside head.


1. CH 12, join with SC to first chain to form loop, and SC in last 11.
2-10. SC around = 12
11. *SC 2, DEC (repeat from * around) = 9
12. SC around = 9. Finish off, leaving a tail for sewing.

Ears (Make 2)

With F Hook and Beige,
1. Make 4 SC in an adjustable ring, finish off and gather tightly.

Arms (Make 2)

With F Hook and Brown,
1. CH 2. Make 3 SC in 2nd CH from hook.
2-6. SC around = 3. Finish off.

Groundhog Hole

With G Hook and Dark Brown,
1. CH 15, join with SC in 1st CH to form loop and SC in remaining = 15.
2. SC around. Change to Green.
3. *SC 4, INC (repeat from * around) = 18
4. INC in each stitch around = 36. Finish off. When working in rounds, eyelash yarns tend to be bushier on the inside so turn your work inside out and hide tails on the other side if desired.


Pin head at an angle to Round 12 of Body and use tail from Body to sew on.
Pin ears to head 2 rounds behind eyes and use tails to sew in place.
Pin arms to about round 10 of Body at shoulders on either side of head and use tails from arms to sew in place.
Cut small square of white felt and sew or glue in place for teeth. Use fabric paint for eyes if not using safety eyes. Use fabric paint or embroidery floss to create nose. Use fabric paint or black embroidery floss to make a line on teeth.

Thread beige yarn into tapestry needle and take a stitch above each eye at a slight slant.
Insert bottom of finger puppet into Groundhog Hole and have fun!

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