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When I go camping there are certain things I love to bring with me in addition to my yarn and hooks.  They make life so much easier, but are yet simple and convenient.  Since we are camping in a tiny 1968 Shasta Compact that we are completely remodelling (and by “we,” I mean my husband), and that is not completely finished on the inside, I thought I’d share some of the items that have made our trips better and have been tried and tested by us.  I think they work well for tent camping too which we’ve done a lot of before getting our trailer.

This self-contained shower system is amazing!  It packs up small in it’s own case, holds plenty of water for showering or doing dishes, and you maintain the pressure with a foot pump so no electricity is needed, no batteries, and you burn a few calories (with ease) while cleaning.  The pressure is decent enough to rinse suds out of hair and better than the pressure of showers I’ve used in some campgrounds!  Simply mix some heated water in with cold water to get the temperature you desire.  I adore this for boondocking and even when camping with hookups.   I recommend using a cheap plastic funnel for easy filling, which it doesn’t come with, but that is the only slight negative I have about this.  One of our best purchases!

This camp kitchen is newer to us.  We’ve used it on two trips so far, but it has certainly made our lives easier when it comes time to prepare and cook meals.  The height is ideal – no more bending over short tables and getting an aching back while cutting up veggies!  It has hooks to hang utensils, a shelf for storage, a pole for hanging a lantern on in case it gets dark while you are still getting dinner ready, and a plastic tub basin for washing up.  The tub is removable for quick and easy disposal of your gray water.  The only con I have to mention on this product is that the paper towel holder is a cheap plastic with suction cups to hold it up – the suction cups don’t work so well.  We just stopped trying to hang the paper towels with it and left them sitting on the counter.  Otherwise, it was wonderful to be so organized!

Never shall I camp without this item!  Best thing ever!  It is taller and more stable than any other camp potties we’ve used.  Has a battery operated flush and is the closest thing to the one you use at home while still being compace and a great shape.  It holds a roll of toilet paper in a little compartment, and the top half comes off so you only have to tote the bottom half to empty it.  Emptying is easy and mess-free (albeit could be a bit stinky simply due to the nature of what it is used for).  LOL.  We’ve had ours for quite some time now, with no leaks, no issues and I’m thankful to the person who designed it every time I wake up in the middle of the night to pee because I don’t have to trek in the dark to a remote restroom.  I can highly recommend this for anyone camping with children and women to make their experience more pleasant.  I think it would also be great as an addition to a sick room or just an extra potty when having a party.  The only con is that the lid is not meant to be sat upon when it is closed and can’t support a lot of weight.  We knew this ahead from reading reviews before purchasing and have never had a problem.

This is a great item for use with the toilet above or the shower system mentioned earlier.  It is waterproof, so make a great privacy shower enclosure or just to put the toilet in like a little outhouse.  It pops up from a very light weight circle and comes with stakes to secure it.  It folds back down for travel just as simply into it’s own carry case.  I call it the pee-pee tee-pee and this is a great price for it.  I paid more.  But it was worth it!

We’ve had this table for quite some time and used it in all its configurations.  It can be used as two separate tables at the same height or differing heights.  Simply adding easy screw on pieces to the legs make it quick and easy to adjust.  There are also two clips to secure the two tables together into a card table size which is perfect for playing games or eating on.  Everything fits right inside the table which packs up neatly and travels flat.  This is a great price for the table, which I believe we paid more for when we bought ours but again, well worth it and has lasted us several years and is still going strong.

I hope my recommendations will be helpful to anyone considering these items.  I know how difficult it is to decide what to purchase when it comes to camping equipment and feeling like you are taking a risk with your money so that is why I created this post.  We have found the best items for us usually came from good recommendations from other campers who have actually used the items and these are a few that worked well for us.  Happy Camping!


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