Ami-Me 2014 Roundup

This year’s ami-me challenge had such wonderful and hilarious results!  The challenge ended at the end of June, mostly so I could avoid procrastinating this year.  However, if anyone wants to submit a photo of an ami they’ve made of themselves, I’d be happy to add it to the roundup here as long as it is completed this year.

Here are the amazing results!

My ami-me was supposed to be my mad crochet scientist persona – you know a regular crocheting gal who likes to cro-ate things out of yarn and enjoy an occasional margarita.  But I found she also had a less tame side when I caught her pole dancing on my afghan hook!

ami-memargarita  ami-mehookdancepasties

Amiguruthi created her little roller-derby persona, complete with all her roller-gear!  Don’t these pictures just make you smile?  She looks so happy!  🙂

ami-ruth1 ami-ruth2

Heidi’s ami-me at first seemed to be a quiet, introverted girl.  But we soon saw her living a fantasy – being pampered and waited on by a roomful of hunky men.

ami-heidi ami-heidipampered

Dreamcatcher’s sweet ami-me was apparently quite shocked at the behavior of the other ami-mes!

dreamami1 dreamami2

Chris‘ ami-me also seemed to be very demure, but she had a darker side too!

ami-chris amimechrispurpleoutfit

And well, Trace’s ami-me…I just don’t know what to say.  But we sure did get a lot of laughs from her!


It was a really fun project and I want to thank everyone who joined in this year.  All the ami-mes are so awesome and so well done!  We may have to do this every year!



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