6 thoughts on “Albert EinSkein’s Formula

    • Them’s crocheting terms Mr. Parkour. It must seem so weird to you – you’ve seen my blog from the beginning when it was a tea room and then a crochet design blog and now a blog with cro-toons. I am so glad I haven’t lost you!

      • Bunny gave me the heads up on your cro-lingo. 😀 And I like your ‘Bert. He’s pretty cool. I miss some of the old. I enjoy some of the new. I share with Bunny here and there. She used to be quite the “hooker” herself, but she hasn’t picked up a needle in quite some time. One of her last projects was a one-legged bear (not the original plan). 😛 Little know fact, your tea room inspired the current title of my blog. The content, not so much. I’m not around as much as I used to be, or as likely to comment even when I am, but yes, I’m still here. 😉

        • I didn’t know Bunny was a “hooker”! Too funny about the one-legged bear because nowadays, items like that are more unique and unusual and a lot of people like that stuff. Horror bears and creepy crochet are quite the thing! Maybe she will get interested again. I didn’t know that about the tea room. I met a lot of nice people back then. Some crazies too but it was the social outlet I needed at the time and it did it’s job well. 🙂 Now I’ve got to get to your blog and visit.

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