I’m the Mad Crochet Scientist (or Mad Cro-Scientist for short) behind the blog.  Many fun and unique crochet designs have come out of my Mad Crochet Lab, but I’ve found my real joy comes from creating crocheted cartoons, or cro-toons™ as I like to call them.  So I am now focusing on being the world’s first cro-toonist™.  I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Some of my cro-toons™ will be single-panel, meme style, and others will be ongoing stories, with many characters introduced and covering many topics.  Some will have slang that is directed toward the yarn loving community, but hopefully will also appeal to a wider audience.  I will attempt to keep the most recent cro-toon™ on the front page, and store archives where you can view earlier ones.  At first, I will be posting erratically until I find my rhythm and a more regular posting schedule, so stay tuned!  There’s lots more to come!

Affiliate Links:  Affiliate links are links to products or services that I may promote or mention on my site.  What this means is that if you click on them or purchase the product or service for yourself, I may receive a commission from that transaction.  I will never use affiliate links in a spammy way and will only use them in the context of the subject I am writing about.  They are merely a way to fund the hosting of my site so I can continue to share what I love.  It’s that simple.  🙂

Note:  Unless otherwise noted, all photos and content on this site and in my patterns are copyrighted to me.  Please do NOT take them without asking and NEVER reproduce my patterns or photos elsewhere.  This takes traffic from my site.  Please use links to my site instead, so that others can find there way here.  Having said all that, I am reasonable, so if there is something you need or want, please don’t hesitate to contact me using the contact form.

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